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The Conflict Resolution and Engagement Initiative has a history of actively collaborating with scholars and practitioners to engage in meaningful research that makes positive contributions to the field of study and practice of conflict engagement and resolution. CERI complements the original CRI Working Paper series below by featuring blogs and research on engagement processes from our partners and staff.

Students, Partners, and Staff attending a Conflict Resolution Training

Featured Working Papers

Conflict in Turkey

Politics of the Local

Investigating the "Politics of the Local" In Peace Processes: The Case of Turkey's Peace Process For Solving the Kurdish Issue (2009-2015)

South Sudanese Writing on a Collective Document

Effective Collaboration

Understanding Effective Collaboration Within a Diverse Community: Lessons Learned from the Concerned Citizens of South Sudan (CCSS) Petition Initiative

Conflict in Ukraine

Understanding Insurgencies

Pre-Communist Legacies and the 2014 Insurgency in Ukraine

Additional Working Papers

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