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Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute 2013

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Conflict Resolution Institute

Wildfire Mitigation Planning

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In an effort to promote collaboration and teamwork among Colorado's natural resource stakeholders, DU's Conflict Resolution Institute hosted a workshop titled, A "Collaboration for Community Wildfire Mitigation Planning" as a part of the Colorado Collaborative Leadership Institute (CCLI) in December 2013. As a result of ongoing work with the University of Virginia, CRI received funding for this workshop from the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council. This workshop sought to increase collaborative capacity and networking among practitioners and professional networks within Colorado, specifically through stakeholder panels on issues and success stories, as well as skills training in facilitation, collaboration, communication, and strategic decision-making.

Participants included a diverse range of professionals from across Colorado's 'front range'—from Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs—and represented universities, state and federal agencies, local elected officials, fire chiefs, foresters, leaders of non-profits and local business people. Given the devastating wildfire damage that has occurred throughout Colorado for the past several years, this workshop emphasized the need and ability for practitioners to implement collaboration techniques in the short-term, as well as fostered a collaborative environment for dealing with these issues on a longer term.

To read more about the workshop read our article from the Spring 2014 CRI Newsletter.