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Staff Spotlight - Kristen Noble

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Conflict Resolution Institute

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As a student worker in the CRI office, I have gotten to know Kristen Noble quite well. Kristen started working as the Program Manager of the Conflict Resolution Institute in December 2017. Kristen attended DU as an undergrad and continued her studies at American University in Washington D.C., earning her MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. Outside of DU, Kristen specializes in restorative justice, community dialogue, and international conflict resolution. Kristen facilitates restorative practice trainings for teachers and schools around the Denver Metro area. She also coaches schools through the implementation process of restorative practices in the classroom, procedurally and systemically. Kristen works with several non-profits and her own consulting business to implement best practices in restorative programming. She speaks at local and national conferences about the importance of authenticity and engagement in the implementation process.

Kristen works with current Conflict Resolution Students to connect them to restorative practices and other conflict resolution opportunities in the Denver area. Kristen co-leads Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado, a group of advocates and practitioners that supports current and new problem solving strategies in our communities. She supervises interns to engage them in local conflict resolution work.

I asked Kristen, if she could impart one piece of conflict resolution wisdom to all readers, what would it be? She replied, "Never make assumptions. Never think you are the smartest person in the room. Never assume that you know where someone is coming from. Ask questions."

~Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl, MA 18