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Trauma and Peacebuilding Conference 2007

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Conflict Resolution Institute

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In February 2007, the Conflict Resolution Institute hosted our annual conference, "peacebuilding and Trauma Recovery: Integrated Strategies in Post-War Reconstruction," which proved to be one of our most significant achievements to date. This conference was co-hosted by CRI, The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, and the International Disaster Psychology Program of DU's Graduate School of Professional Psychology. The conference brought together peacebuilding theorists and practitioners, psychologists, cultural anthropologists, and others engaged in the work of transitional justice, post-conflict healing and peacebuilding. The goal of the conference was to examine the important interface between peacebuilding and trauma recovery during post-war reconstruction. This conference allowed for the presentation and sharing of the most current thinking in the fields of peacebuilding and trauma recovery. The conference achieved international visibility and drew marked acclaim from participants.