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Conflict Resolution Institute

CRI: A Decade of Excellence

The Conflict Resolution Institute

Tamra Pearson d'Estrée


  • PhD, Harvard University
  • AM, Harvard University
  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder

Research & Expertise

Social psychological processes in intergroup relations: Conflict dynamics; the formation and maintenance of group identity; the role of social identity needs in conflict and conflict resolution; communication and conflict; stereotyping processes; gender and cultural differences in group process and conflict resolution; perceptions of justice and voice; strategy and dynamics in decision making, problem solving and group process. Processes of negotiation and mediation. Evaluation of conflict interventions.

Professional Profile

Henry R. Luce Professor of Conflict Resolution, University of Denver (2002-present); Co-Director, Conflict Resolution Institute, and Director of its Center for Research and Practice (2004-present)
Led trainings and facilitated interactive problem-solving workshops in various inter-communal conflict contexts, including Israel-Palestine, Ethiopia, and in US intertribal disputes
Directed projects aimed at conflict resolution capacity-building in Israel-Palestine, the Caribbean, Ukraine, and Georgia
Served as an evaluation consultant to several programs of non-governmental organizations as well as UNESCO, UNDP, USAID, and USIECR
Worked to develop evaluation frameworks for community mediation centers, for university based mediation centers, for interactive conflict resolution interventions, and for peacebuilding initiatives
Associate Professor, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University (1998-2002)
Assistant Professor in Psychology, Communication, and Fellow, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona (1990-1997)
Fellow, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona (1992-1993)


  • INTS 3690: Peacemaking and Peacebuilding
  • INTS 4613: Strategic Peacebuilding
  • CRES 4111: Reflective Practice and Evaluation
  • CRES 4222: Theories of Practice: Mediation Theory and Issues
  • CRES 4225: Theories of Practice: Conciliation and Reconciliation
  • CRES 4333: Resolving Environmental and Public Policy Conflict
  • CRES 4991: Laboratory in Theories and Methods for Community Conflict Resolution