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Conflict Resolution Institute

Center for Conflict Engagement

Symposium on Sand Creek 2015

Acknowledgement & Repair

Hosted on campus by the University of Denver’s  Conflict Resolution Institute  in partnership with the  Center on Rights Development, the Symposium on Sand Creek featured four panel discussions with scholars, civic and religious leaders, and Sand Creek descendants on how the University and the city of Denver can create partnerships to move towards reconciliation, acknowledgement, and justice for future generations.  Read about the Symposium the article in the University of Denver Magazine.

Photo Gallery from Symposium 

The following are videos from our panel discussions from our program. 

Panel 1 - DU John Evans Study Committee Report - Report Authors

Panel 2 - Possibilities of Repair:Truth Commissions, Reparations, and Cultural Restoration - Henry Littlebird, Andrew Reid, George "Tink" Tinker, Billy J. Stratton


Panel 3 - Public Recognition and Acknowledgement - Ernest House, Lt. Governor's Office, Chancellor Rebecca Chopp, Methodist Bishop Elaine Stanovsky, Illiff President Tom Wolf, Otto Braided Hair

Panel 4 - Learning and Healing: Continuing the Conversation - Cheyenne and Arapahoe descendants and John Evans descendants