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Conflict Resolution Institute

The Conflict Resolution Institute

Academic Program

Effective 7/1/2020: The Conflict Resolution Program is no longer accepting applications. Explore our other program offerings

con res studentsThe study of Conflict Resolution focuses on alternative theories, various types of bargaining and negotiation techniques, and related ethical issues. These topics are examined through selected cases of conflict to understand how to manage and improve social patterns and policy choices between individuals, within organizations, and across cultures.

Our courses combine a scholarly and vocational approach—theory with practice—in exploring a range of environments where conflict arises, such as:

  • The Political arena: from international diplomacy to national and local government policy discussion;
  • The Business arena: from corporate boardrooms to management-worker relations and human resources issues;
  • The Personal arena: from social work to family counseling to parent-child relations.

The study of Conflict Resolution is directed toward a wide range of professionals in today's world including business managers, school and university administrators, mediators, social workers, counselors, consultants in international development and the world of diplomacy.

View Dr. Karen Feste's Conflict Resolution Orientation webinar