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Trauma & Trust

Peacebuilding in Ruptured Social Systems Conference 2016

     Trauma and Trust Conference    



Keynote Speakers:

Monnica Williams

 Monnica Williams

"Understanding Race-Based Stress and Trauma"

Judith Herman

Judith Herman

"The Meanings of Justice to Trauma Survivors"

David Anderson Hooker

David Anderson Hooker

"Formation of RADICL Identities - Reconciliation in the Context of Irreparable Harms"

Bob Williams

bob wlliams

"Applying Systems Thinking to the Design and Evaluation of Peacebuilding and Trauma Interventions"

"How system thinking and evaluation practice can help peacebuilding and trauma interventions"

Teresa Betancourt

Teresa Betancourt

"Trauma and Mental Health in the Lives of Youth: Pathways to Building Peace in Sierra Leone"



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Coming soon...


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