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Conflict Resolution Institute

The Conflict Resolution Institute

Support CRI

There are various ways to get involved with the work that we do here at the Conflict Resolution Institute. Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking for ways to advise or mentor some of our graduate students or an alumni who wants to remain involved with the program, we have various ways in which you can support our work. 

CRI Commencement

Give Resources
A financial contribution to our institute can go straight toward community programming or student internship and research opportunities. We have an expanding library of Conflict Resolution texts and will always accepts book donations. Let us know how you would like to give to us. 

Become a Career Mentor
Consider unlocking opportunities for some of current students and recent graduates by connecting them to a career path in the field of Conflict Resolution.

Hire an Intern
Do you need an exceptional student who can research, analyze and write? Our students are always looking for internship opportunities. 

Be a guest speaker
Our faculty appreciate having expert guests speak in the classroom. Do you have expertise in a specific area that could benefit our students?

Become an ambassador
We rely on our friends and alumni to serve as ambassadors for the program. Provide valuable insight into the program and promote DU and CRI among your colleagues and friends.

Alumni Connections
We love seeing our alumni! Help plan an alumni event. 

To get involved in any of these ways please contact: