Contract Reviews

Approved Contract Templates

The Office of General Counsel has developed Template Agreements for use by University of Denver faculty and staff. Template Agreements must be processed through the University’s Contract Workflow, per the University’s Contract Management Policy, FINA 2.10.032, but will receive expedited review.

Template Agreements may be used in accordance with the “Instructions for Use” cover page found on the first page of the downloaded Template Agreement and when no changes have been made to the Template Agreement (other than provided fillable areas).

Template Agreements may still be appropriate, but may not be used without additional review, where:

  • The agreement contains unique risks to the University, including risk of harm to individuals or damage to property.
  • The agreement provides for vendor access to University data.
  • The agreement involves University intellectual property, copyright, patent, trademarks, word marks, or logos.
  • The agreement is with a foreign entity or involves work performed outside the United States.
  • The agreement involves minors.

Please contact to request that OGC consider a Template Agreement, or with any questions on the use of a Template Agreement or on the Contract Management Process.

Approved Templates:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement – Entity
  • Independent Contractor Agreement – Individual
  • Speaker Agreement
  • Construction Services Agreement
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement

To access and download the Approved Templates, click HERE and log in with your MyWeb username and password.


Submitting Contracts for Review

Please submit all requests for contract review via the online Workflow System* by logging onto MyWeb with your Banner ID and password.

Once you are logged into MyWeb, search for "Procurement and Contracts" located on the "Administrative Resources and Processes" page, and choose "Contract Review."

From there, you can complete the online form to create a Procurement Contract or the Other Contract Workflow item. You can also search the status of your Procurement Contract or Other Contract. 

  • Procurement of Goods/Services Contract Workflow

    If a contract is for the procurement/purchase (even for $0) by the University, then please submit the contract for review directly to Financial Services via the Procurement Contract Workflow.  

    If you require access to the Procurement Goods/Services Workflow, please email to request the online training for Procurement Contract Workflow.

  • Other Contract Workflow

    If a contract is NOT for the procurement/purchase of goods and services by the University, then please submit the contract for review via the Other Contract Workflow. Some examples of Other Contracts include but are not limited to:

    • Institutional Affiliations
    • Clinical Experiences
    • Internships
    • Externships
    • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality
    • Assumption of Risk Forms NOT associated with a Procurement Contract
    • Sponsorships
    • Rentals of University Facilities
    • Sale of Goods and Services by the University

If you have questions related to submitting an Other Contract for legal review, please email the Office of General Counsel.

Limits of Authority

The University of Denver's Limits of Authority Policy authorizes specific officers and employees to enter into and sign contractual and other obligations on behalf of the University of Denver and designates the intended authority and scope of responsibility to University employees who are eligible to enter into such obligations.

This Policy also provides for a review procedure for certain types of contracts. 

To access the full Limits of Authority Policy, please go to the University's Policy Library

Insurance Policy & Procedures

Policy 2.10.030 requires that all “CONTRACTS” be submitted to the Controller and General Counsel for review and approval before execution

Policy 2.10.030 requires the Controller, or Controller’s Designee (Budget Officers) to review each contract to confirm that

  1. Funds are available for any payment obligations; and
  2. Insurance or similar coverage is available for insurable risks, in cooperation with Risk Manager (delegated to Risk Management

Modification and/or waiver of the requirement of insurance may be approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor if, after discussion with Risk Management and General Counsel, it is shown that the activity or project serves the best interest of the University and the risk to the University is otherwise mitigated.

Policy 2.10.030 requires General Counsel, or General Counsel’s Designee (Assistant General Counsel or outside counsel), to review each contract to confirm that

  1. the contract accomplishes the intended purposes; and
  2. does not present any burdensome or unintended liability risks.

Policy 2.10.030 further requires:

  • Controller and General Counsel to endeavor to conduct reviews on a timely basis and that the University employee initiating the contract, whenever possible, provide a reasonable period of time for such review.
  • Modified Contract Review Procedures
  • Exceptions Process Flow Chart
  • Sponsored Program
  • Purchasing


  • University Insurance Policies and Procedures

    University requires a 3rd Party to have at a minimum general liability coverage of $1 Million per occurrence and $2 Million aggregate and to name the University as an “additional insured.” This requirement should always be part of the initial negotiation of a contract. Contracts with more inherent risks may require increased insurance coverage.

    Tenant User Liability Insurance (TULIP), is available for 3rd parties who do not have insurance that are using University facilities. TULIP is event specific and does not provide continuous coverage for the 3rd party. TULIP provides a $1 Million layer of protection to the University for General Liability coverage. For additional information go to