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Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The office of diversity and inclusion serves the entire DU campus

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Part of ODEI's mission is to make resources related to diversity and inclusion available to the DU community.  The following resources are provided with the intention of supporting and fostering further inquiry into diversity and inclusion.  In addition, resources that support inclusive excellence are also included.


Featured Resource

Recent Campus Incidents

This reading list is provided as a resource for the DU community as we work to understand the impact of recent events that have occurred on our own campus, as well as on campuses across the country.

Inclusive Classroom Resources

These resources are specifically geared toward those of you who have expressed concern about what some believe has the potential to be a highly charged autumn in light of the recent violence in Charlottesville, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other parts of the world, and increased attention and activism centered on social justice and racial equity. In this current context, discussions and debates on real-time societal and political issues will indeed impact our teaching and learning environments. Accordingly, the Inclusive Classroom Resources offer a range of best practices and considerations for creating and navigating inclusive learning environments.

Interfaith Calendar Challenge 

Toward the goal of religious inclusivity, this resource helps you transform your online work calendar into an interfaith calendar; having quick access to such dates in your everyday calendars helps you avoid scheduling meetings or events on holidays that would prevent some members of the DU community from attending. The link includes instructions for the 3-step "DU Interfaith Challenge" (whose 1st and 2nd steps relate to updating your calendar and the calendars of others in your office/group), a downloadable PDF 'step-by-step guide' to updating your calendar, and 7 best practices for how to use your new interfaith calendar for religiously inclusive outcomes (including template language to use when your office needs to schedule an event on a date that this is not religiously inclusive).

Racially-Related Campus Events in the News

This resource list was created by ODI to chronicle the recent racially-related events on higher education campuses across the nation that began following the violence in Ferguson and the protests at the University of Missouri.

Juneteenth Resources

Juneteenth is a Day to Reflect, Examine, Advocate. DU Newsroom (2020, June 18)

En Español: Juneteenth es un día para Reflexionar, Examinar, Abogar. (2020, June 18)

"The Opening of the American Frontier", Susan Schulten, The New York Times (2012, June 20)

"How the West Was Won", Susan Schulten, The New York Times (2011, February 23)


In response to the recent events happening on college campuses, a number of national and local organizations (including units at DU) have issued open letters in response to the events and in response to DU's community.