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Women's Coalition Groups

Women's Coalition Groups

Association of Sisters in Higher Education (ASHE)

The mission of the ASHE is to support, empower, and mentor Black women at the University of Denver by honoring who we are through cultural fellowship, enrichment, and an exchange of ideas. The group is not exclusive to black women; therefore we value and welcome all women faculty and staff at the University of Denver. However, the core focus of group discussions, activities, and initiatives will be issues that are germane to black women.

  • ASHE will offer support to groups on campus that support and illuminate the experiences of Blacks and other people of color.
  • ASHE will galvanize the scholarship of Black women faculty, staff, and graduate students through encouragement of collaborative research initiatives, awareness of scholarly conferences and grants, and financial support.
  • ASHE will engage in meaningful partnerships aimed at strengthening collaborations with the Denver black community.

For more information, contact Yasmaine Ford at or Natley Farris at