Faculty Senate

  • Senate Calendar 2021-2022
    • Meetings are Fridays 11:30-1:30
    • Fall meetings are currently via Zoom
    • Zoom links will be sent to Senators via Outlook invite and via email
    • Other than the first two meetings which are two week apart, the rest of the meetings are every 3rd Friday
    • NOTE: This schedule is subject to change as details arise, including the addition of Special Senate Meetings as needed. We also anticipate Senate hosted forums for which we do not require a quorum but which we encourage Senators to attend.


    Fall 2021





    (12/03 if needed)


    Winter-Spring 2022





    04/22 (rescheduled from 04/15)



  • Mountain Campus - Early Faculty Opportunities (CFP due 6.15 + 5.13 & 5.20 ideation opps!)

    Below, find the Provost's email from 4.6.22

    Click here for the faculty CFP for curricular and curricular-meets-co-curricular proposals for the Mountain Campus.

    Click here for the the invitation to the 5.13 and 5.20 faculty curricular ideation opportunities.




    Provost note from 4.6.22:

    April 6, 2022

    Dear colleagues,

    The Provost’s Office and Faculty Senate are partnering to support faculty as they develop meaningful curricular and curricular-meets-co-curricular student experiences at the Kennedy Mountain Campus (KMC). Toward this end, we are issuing our first (and certainly not our last) faculty-wide Call for Proposals for faculty-led programming at the KMC for innovative student experiences. The CFP is due June 15, and we are looking for projects starting after the conclusion of the Fall Term in November 2022 or later; you can find the full details here.

    To further help support faculty in this process, we are partnering with the Faculty Senate on a faculty/curricular ideation workshop on May 13, 2022 from 1:30-3 p.m. (by Zoom). Renée Botta, Sarah Pessin, and Jennifer Campbell (incoming and current Faculty Senate Presidents and the Chair of the Academic Planning Committee) have developed a fun set of exercises to help faculty share ideas and co-create new ideas for innovative, interdisciplinary curricular experiences for graduate and undergraduate students at KMC. We’re also featuring a Kennedy Mountain Campus curricular ideation lab as part of our upcoming 4D Symposium on May 20, 2022 from 10-11:30 a.m. Join us for one or both of these ideation events!

    For detailed information on these workshop and lab events (and the relevant Zoom links), visit here.

    We would love to have you join us as we co-create opportunities for faculty engagement at the Kennedy Mountain Campus. And please note: While we are beginning with faculty-led student-centered opportunities, we look forward to future CFPs supporting a wide range of faculty research and faculty-led community partnership opportunities as well.

    Lastly, to provide you with a fuller sense of our current timeline, DEI priorities, 4D connections, and student-focused kick-off, I wanted to highlight the following information:

    • Tribal engagement. In response to a request from the Faculty Senate’s mountain campus committee (a subcommittee of the Academic Planning Committee), the Chancellor and I have engaged DU colleagues with expertise in Native and Indigenous culture and history to engage in consultations with Tribal leaders. This includes planning for Native-led land studies with strong attention to DEI values and principles. We look forward to sharing more with you about this important work.
    • Student-centered start. While a primary objective is to provide an immersive co-curricular outdoor experience for our students (and Student Affairs and the 4D are in the midst of planning immersive experiences for all first-year and transfer students in Fall 2022), there will be substantial opportunity for faculty’s innovative ideas to engage students up at the Kennedy Mountain Campus beginning with the interterm following Fall 2022.
    • Next steps. Our first pilot for faculty-led opportunities (see the link to the CFP above) is to start after Fall 2022, beginning with Winter Interterm in November 2022. We expect engagement with the site beginning in Fall 2023. Over time, we aim to build an even wider array of curricular and co-curricular KMC offerings for all students and we will work with the AVC of the Mountain Campus to coordinate and implement those efforts.

    I look forward to working with you to envision new opportunities at the Kennedy Mountain Campus and to doing so in ways that support and supplement the work that we are already engaged with on main campus. I also look forward to working with you in ways that align with and deepen our core commitments around DEI, interdisciplinarity, innovation, and the 4D student experience. As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    With warm regards,



    Faculty invite to two events, 5.13 + 5.20:


The Faculty Senate is the primary body through which faculty participate in the shared governance of the University of Denver.

The Senate is composed of approximately 90 members elected to represent the academic units of the University.

Much of the Senate's work is accomplished through its five Standing Committees:

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    Academic Planning Committee (APC)

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    Financial Planning Committee (FPC)

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    Nominations, Credentials & Rules (NCR)

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    Personnel Committee

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    Student Relations Committee (SRC)

Here is a quick PDF of the descriptions (drawn from the Senate Constitution).

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) includes the Chairs of the five Standing Committees, the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary, and several at-large members. Questions and concerns may be addressed through elected departmental or divisional Senators, or may be addressed to the Senate President at sarah.pessin@du.edu.