Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee

Impact Area: Give DEI power, authority, and accountability

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Establish a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) steering committee that includes the chancellor, provost, and unit-level DEI leadership.

Action Item Details

A new university-wide committee will be formed and chaired by the vice chancellor of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Its membership would include the chancellor, the provost and executive vice chancellor, the Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX, and the chairs of each unit, center or institute’s DEI team and/or the administrator from that unit responsible for DEI work. The purpose of this action item is to provide a centrally connected structure to share, report, learn, and engage on common issues, concerns, policies, and procedures. It also provides an opportunity for meaningful student and alumni engagement in the everyday practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the institution. 

The DEI Steering Committee will be constituted by January 2021 and will meet quarterly thereafter. As one of its initial tasks, it will work to create working groups.



  • Steering Committee Launch

    The DEI Steering Committee had its first gathering in January 2021 and has started work to establish working groups.


  • DEI Steering Committee Membership

    Listed in alphabetical order by last name. Updated as of March 30, 2021.

    • Leslie Alvarez, director, Office of Teaching and Learning
    • Paul Arithi, associate director, Disability Services Program
    • Kari Burns, DEI committee chair, Marketing and Communications
    • Mary Clark, provost and executive vice chancellor
    • Karlton Creech, vice chancellor of athletics and recreation
    • Elizabeth Escobedo, director of DEI, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science
    • Rosalynn Faegins, DEI committee chair, Business and Finance
    • Alexi Freeman, associate dean of DEI, Sturm College of Law
    • Ryan Gildersleeve, associate dean, Morgridge College of Education
    • Michele Hanna, associate dean of DEI, Graduate School of Social Work
    • Jeremy Haefner, chancellor
    • Travis Heath, director of DEI and decolonization, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
    • Mike Holt, interim director, Campus Safety
    • Chenthu Jayachandiran, director, Cultural Center
    • Nancy Jones, ODEI Fellow, University Libraries
    • Chad King, executive director, Center for Sustainability
    • Niki Latino, associate vice chancellor of student affairs
    • Scott Leutenegger, director of DEI, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
    • Kristen Noble, DEI program manager, Korbel School of International Studies
    • Sarah Pessin, interfaith chair and DEI representative of the Faculty Senate
    • Richard Rathburn, ODEI Fellow, Advancement
    • Uttiyo Raychaudhuri, vice provost, Office of Internationalization
    • Tom Romero, outgoing interim vice chancellor of diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Roderick Rose, director of diversity enrollment and community partnerships, Office of Admission
    • James Rosner, associate vice chancellor, Facilities Planning and Management
    • Cedric Smith, Inclusive Excellence committee chair, Information Technology
    • Scott van Loo, director, Learning Effectiveness Program
    • Damon Vine, director, Veteran Services
    • Christopher Whitt, incoming vice chancellor of diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Ellen Winiarczyk, DEI committee chair, University College


    Still to be named:

    • Undergraduate student representative
    • Graduate student representative
    • Human Resources representative
  • DEI Steering Committee Working Groups

    The following groups will execute the work of the DEI Steering Committee:

    • Employee Affairs Working Group
    • DEI Data Working Group
    • Faculty Affairs and Development Working Group
    • Opportunity Gap Working Group
    • Reconciliation and Remembrance Working Group
  • DEI Student Advisory Board

    In addition to student representation on the DEI Steering Committee, in the spring 2021 term, the steering committee will assemble a DEI Student Advisory Board comprised of undergraduate and graduate students. The advisory board will partner with the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) to engage the five working groups of the DEI Steering Committee.


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