New Beginnings Pow Wow

11th Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow & Blanket Wrapping Ceremony

Pow Wows are the Native American people's way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, and making new friendships. This is a time when dance and music honor the resilient cultural history of Native American peoples and traditions.

The DU Pow Wow has become a campus-wide event with support from the Native Student Alliance and the Office of the Provost.

The University of Denver 10th Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow will be at the Hamilton Gym this year. We want to celebrate our Native American graduates for their great accomplishments.



The University of Denver’s Native Student Alliance will be hosting the 11th Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow this year, May 14h, 2022! As you may or may not be aware, in Native American communities, a Pow Wow is a social gathering, a time when dance and music honor the resilient cultural history of traditional Native American people and culture. The Pow Wow at DU has always been about education by allowing the student body to participate and learn about Native American traditions and people.

Most importantly, this Pow Wow was founded to celebrate and start all our “New Beginnings”: starting college, a new job, graduating from high school, middle school college, etc.  Even new friendships or a new stage of fatherhood, motherhood, engagement, marriage, whatever your New Beginning story is. This Pow Wow has emphasized the importance of those New Beginnings; wherever we are in our lives, we are here to be grateful and to celebrate the coming of life. Please join us in celebrating and healing with our community. More information about the day of the pow wow will be provided soon.

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11th Annual Pow Wow Details

Pow Wow flyer
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Traditional Native American dress for Pow Wow competition

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Blanket Wrapping Ceremony

Blanket Wrapping Ceremony

Last year, the Blanket Wrapping Ceremony took place on May 8th, to honor our graduating Native students who have worked hard to fulfill their academic requirements and exceed all expectations! 

A blanket ceremony is an Native American tradition symbolizing a milestone in one's life. Rather than simply walking across a stage and accepting a diploma, Indigenous students at the University of Denver chose to participate in this extraordinary cultural experience.

Last year's Blanket Wrapping Ceremony represents the achievements of each individual student and the Indigenous community that they represent.

Native American drum circle

Community Feed

The Native Student Alliance hosted a Community Feed outside the University of Denver Community Commons. 

Gifts for participants included:

FREE Pow Wow T-shirt, Tiny Tot gifts (under 6 years of age) and Tocabe meals were available for our local Native Denver community members. We want to thank you for your resilience and for supporting our events! You can still watch the dancers on our University of Denver New Beginnings Social Distance Pow Wow page! 

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