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Facilities Management & Planning

Construction Crane

Facilities Management & Planning

Construction Updates

University of Denver is undergoing several construction projects here on campus. Listed below are some of our current projects and the status for each. Also, check out our DU Webcams to see what's going on at DU!

Current Construction Projects

First-Year Residence Hall Type of Project:  First-Year Residence Student Housing
Location: 2020 S. High St.
What is it for: Residence housing for on campus first time/ first year DU students.
Project Start: Summer of 2018
Project End: Mid-August 2020
Accessibility Information Map: A map is provided of the area under construction for ADA, general and delivery access.
Artist Rendering FT FY Residence Hall
Community Commons Type of Project: Community Commons
Location: 2055 E Evans Ave
What is it for: Built on the footprint of the Driscoll Student Center,Community Commons will house spaces for classes, programming, studying and collaboration opportunities, along with centralized dining and activities for student and community engagement for after-hours socialization for our diverse student body
Project Start: Summer of 2018
Project End: Mid-October 2020
Accessibility Information Map:
Artist Rendering Community Commons
Pioneer Career Achievement Center  Type of Project:New Building
Location: 2190 E  Asbury Ave
What is it for:The Career Achievement Center will be a centralized hub that provides skills development,  for all of our students. Career Services will start to engage with students in their first year, rather than waiting until their last year.
Project Start: Fall of 2018
Project End: Fall of 2020
Accessibility Information Map: 
Pioneer Career Achievement Center - looking to the north
Office Building
Type of Project: New Building
Location: 2601 E Colorado Ave
What is it for: A new administrative 
building that will house Shared Services,
ORSP, Controller's Office, Internal Budget,
Advancement, Risk and
Environmental Health & Safety.
Project Start: May of 2017
Project End: March of 2018
Administrative Office Building
Clarence M.
Knudson Hall
Type of Project: Updating of mechanical
systems, lighting, ceilings and new furniture.
Location: 2390 South York Street
What is it for: The Department of Mathematics
Project Start: Summer of 2017
Project End: August of 2017
Accessibility Information: There is no access to this building while under remodeling construction.
Knudson Hall
S. York Street
(11-10 Update)
Type of Project: Road Work
Location: South York Street
What is it for: This project is to modify the street alignment, provide angled parking,
a bus drop-off area, a raised pedestrian
crosswalk, brick paving on the east side and to upgrade the landscaping
on York Street between Iliff Avenue
and Wesley Avenue.
Project Start: Summer of 2017
Project End: Fall of 2018
Accessibility Information Map: A map is provided of the area under construction for ADA route.
York Street Project
Cavalier Parking Lot Type of Project:New Parking Lot
Location: Near Gaylord St.
What is it for: New parking lot for campus
Project Start: Summer of 2017
Project End: Winter of 2018
Status: Permit Pending
Cavalier Parking Lot

Recently Completed Construction Projects

All-Gender Restrooms Type of Project: New Signs
Location: All of Campus
What is it for: New and existing single-stall restrooms will have new signs designating them as "All-Gender" per an amended building code by the City and County of Denver.
Project Start: Summer of 2017
Project End: May 1st 2018
All-Gender Restroom Sign
Daniel Felix Ritchie School of
Engineering & Computer Science
Type of Project: New Building
Location: 2155 East Wesley Ave
What is it for: Schools for: Knoebel
Institute for Healthy Aging
Ritchie School of Engineering &
Computer Science
Project Start: Fall of 2015
Project End: Fall of 2016
Ritchie School of Engineering