Who Pays for What

Billable vs. Non-Billable Service

In general, you will not be charged for routine maintenance, repair, or replacement of parts for your building structure, systems, components, and/or infrastructure. This type of work is performed by Facilities Management on a schedule that is determined by priority of need, taking into account impact on the University's mission, the life cycle of the system or component, availability of staff, and funding allocations.

You will be charged for discretionary non-maintenance service requests, installation or maintenance of department-owned equipment, and any building alterations or improvements that fall outside the University's annual Plant Fund projects.

Rule of thumb: If a piece of equipment is not part of a building system over which Facilities Management has full operating control, whether it was installed at the time of construction or added later, it is the responsibility of the department that controls the equipment to fund its repair, maintenance, or replacement.


Billable Services

  • Hanging of items in your office including white boards, bulletin boards, framed pictures, etc.
  • Wall repairs and painting due to relocation of hanging items
  • Re-keying of locks and new/replacement keys
  • New signage or signage changes
  • All moving assistance including the disposal of equipment or furniture
  • All set-up activities for special events including table/chair set-up, hanging of banners, electrical support, turning off irrigation, clean-up during or after an event, etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance, registration, and repair
  • New window treatments including shades, blinds, etc.
  • Maintenance or installation of department-owned equipment including desk lamps
  • Paint jobs involving accent walls or common areas less than five years old
  • New or redesigned HVAC equipment that is not on the University Plant Fund or Capital Improvement lists
  • All building alterations or improvements that are not part of the University's Capital Improvement plan
  • Carpet replacement that is not for safety or part of the University's Plant Fund
  • Furniture fabrication and care not specifically funded by the University
  • Wood floor care not specifically funded by the University
  • Extra requests for trash collection
  • Recycling of computer equipment
  • All vandalism


Non-Billable Services

  • HVAC System Repair and Maintenance

    Air handling systems, chiller systems, cold room systems, cooling tower systems, filter replacement, water treatment, fans, pumps, sensors, gas-fired heating systems, steam heating systems, etc.

  • Electrical Systems

    Electrical power distribution systems, emergency lighting, lamp and bulb replacement, stand-by generators, controls for outside lighting

  • Plumbing Systems

    Domestic cold water distribution systems, sprinkler systems, roof drain systems, storm water drain systems, waste water drain systems, hot water systems, pumps, regulatory compliance requirements associated with fire pumps, backflow certification, sand oil interceptors, grease pits, emergency shower testing

  • General Maintenance

    Ceiling repairs, door repairs, hardware repairs, floor covering repairs, glass replacement and window repairs, graffiti removal, scheduled painting of common areas and building exteriors, stairs and handrail repairs, wall repairs, roof repairs including gutters and downspouts, walkway repairs, caulking of windows and buildings, exterior furniture repair, elevator recall inspections, fire extinguisher maintenance

  • Kitchen Maintenance

    Maintenance of kitchen equipment in our on-campus commercial and catering kitchens does not include break room equipment or other kitchen equipment not specifically funded by the University.

  • Custodial Services

    General building cleaning services (five nights a week unless specifically funded by the University), scheduled carpet cleaning, scheduled floor polishing and waxing, restroom supplies, trash pick up, regular recycling services

  • Grounds and Landscape Services

    Turf management (fertilizing, weeding, mowing, etc.), landscape management (planting flower and shrub beds, mulching, trimming, etc.), tree care, snow removal, trash removal, parking lot sweeping and maintenance, walkway repairs, irrigation repairs, backflow certifications, athletic field care

  • Contract Services

    All elevator repairs and preventative maintenance, pest control (excluding specific requests for off-schedule services), outside large trash container scheduled pick-up



Work Authorization

Because it has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining campus buildings and infrastructure, only the Department of Facilities Management & Planning is authorized to perform building maintenance, alterations, or improvements. Any work done by other University entities or outside contractors that involves the alteration of campus buildings must be done with the full knowledge and approval of the Department of Facilities Management & Planning to ensure all code requirements are met and University standards are maintained.


Funding Source Questions

Questions regarding the funding source for a requested service must be discussed with the appropriate Facilities Management administrator, whose staff is responsible for providing the service, before work commences. Otherwise, charges will be the responsibility of the requesting department. Facilities Management will stand by all cost estimates provided before work begins unless the scope of the project changes unexpectedly.



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