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Our off-campus warehouse location processes over 5,000 post office items every morning and UPS and FedEx packages. Mail is sorted within 90 minutes and delivered to departmental mail stops by the end of the day. Outgoing mail is collected from each department as the incoming mail and packages are delivered.

Visit DU Mail & Warehouse at the Off-Campus Location:
4925 E. Pacific Place
Denver, CO 80222

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DU Mail Requirements

  1. Avoid department delivery delays & UPS & FedEx errors with the following "Ship To" information::

    SHIP TO:
    First name, last name, and extension
    Department name, building name, and suite number
    DU Mail & Warehouse
    4925 E. Pacific Place
    Denver, CO 80222

  2. Do not send personal items such as online catalog orders to the University.
  3. If your outgoing mail is not ready when we stop by, a Drop-off Mail Box Mon-Fri before pick-up at 2pm at our off-campus location: 4925 East Pacific Place, Denver, Colorado 80222
  4. Use official United States Postage rates to determine costs.

Mail Service Guidelines and Procedures

  • Warehouse & Central Receiving

    The Warehouse & Central Receiving handle all the UPS and FedEx packages that are sent to the University. To ensure delivery, orders should use the following "ship to" information:

    SHIP TO:
    First name, last name, and extension
    Department name, building name, and suite number
    DU Mail & Warehouse
    4925 E. Pacific Place
    Denver, CO 80222

    Mail House

    • Intra-Campus Mail for DU Employees
      • Mail Services offers employee-wide on-campus mailings at no charge.
      • Use only brown or manila envelopes for intra-campus mail.
      • Indicate the recipient's name, University department, and suite number as the destination.
      • Print the full department name; do not use initials.
      • Mail Services offers non-labeled bulk mailings to all employees, processed and delivered at no charge except the cost of copying. For bulk mailings, 500 copies are distributed. This number reaches all employees, as some departments post general announcements rather than distribute them individually.
      • To ensure delivery, orders should use the following "ship to" information:

        SHIP TO: 
        First name, last name, and extension
        Department name, building name, and suite number
        University of Denver
        4925 E. Pacific Place
        Denver, CO 80222

    • Mail to Be Metered
      • Attach your Bar Code Card on the top of each bundle.
      • Please bundle/tray all metered mail by fund, org number, and size.
      • Large envelopes and bulky letters should be sealed.
      • To avoid damage to your mail and our metering equipment, do not use staples, clasp envelopes, or excessive tape. The open flaps on unsealed envelopes should not overlap.
      • International mail should be separated from domestic and intra-campus mail. Parcels and packages for international mail must have a completed US customs form attached. You may need to enter an estimated weight. Mail Services will edit the weight before shipment, if needed. Customs form envelopes can be ordered online (Postal Service Form 2976-E) or by emailing the Manager of Mail and Receiving with your request.
      • Personal mail must be stamped.
      • Standard (bulk using Permit 321) mail must be approved, reviewed, and assigned a job number by the Mail Services manager before copying or printing. Quick Copy's off-campus printer is available.
      • Separate hand-written, windowed, typed, #10 envelopes, 1–2 oz.
      • Mail to be metered must be right-side-up and facing the same way.
      • Outgoing Business Reply card and envelope artwork must be ordered through your preferred mail house and approved by the Mail Services manager before printing.
    • Bulk Mail

      The Mail Services manager must be notified of all bulk mailings at least 10 days before the mailing is presented at the USPS. Please have your department email the postage quote to the Manager of Mail and Receiving when you contact the mailing house.

      Be Aware of the Following

      • Bulk mailings must have 200 pieces or more. It may be more cost-effective to mail at least 400 pieces at non-profit rates.
      • Please use your return address as prescribed by the DU Graphic Guidelines.
        You may now use your department street address. Remember to use 80208 as the ZIP Code.
      • Upper right corner must be printed with the correct indicia.
      • If you need to send one or two pieces out at another time, the indicia must be covered up, or they must go in an envelope. Do not place in a blue US Postal Service mailbox or you may be fined.
      • All pieces must be exactly the same: same size, same stock, same weight per piece.
      • Business Reply cards and/or envelopes (BRMA) included in standard mailings must meet design and print quality regulations or the entire mailing will be rejected.

      Bulk Mail Guidelines

      Before your mailing is copied or printed, please read these guidelines thoroughly.

      DU is a non-profit educational institution and must comply with United States Postal Service regulations. This will help your bulk mailing reach its intended recipients faster, without being rejected. Please allow at least six weeks for printing and delivery of time-sensitive bulk mailings.

      The content and design of all bulk mailings must be reviewed and approved by the Mail Services manager, Daniel Dorra. Please be sure to include the following information in your email request for approval:

      • Department name
      • Org number
      • Vendor
      • Number of pieces
      • Estimated cost of postage
      • Estimated mail date
      • Requestor name
      • Requester phone number
      • Description/name of mail job
      • Sample mailing (PDF okay, but a final hard copy must be sent to Mail Services after printing)

      Following approval, a job number (Sxxxx) will be assigned. If your bulk mailing is being printed through the Department of Marketing & Communications, it must be approved and assigned a job number first.

      Once your bulk mailing is ready (printed, inserted, tabbed or sealed, labeled, and arranged by ZIP Code), contact one of the recommended mailing houses, listed below. Be sure to give them your job number, as they will not accept mailings without one. Marketing & Communications department jobs that use a different vendor must also comply with these guidelines.

      Move Update Standard

      The USPS now requires the new Move Update standard be met for all bulk mailings. The standard is a means of reducing the number of mail pieces that require forwarding or return service, as well as identifying those with incomplete or incorrect address data. The standard is met when an address is updated (cleansed) through an approved USPS method, and then used in any bulk mailing within 95 days of the update. USPS regulations state that permanent updates must be made to your mailer databases. Please document the dates of your database corrections. Also, keep all returned pieces and documentation on file from the date of processing.

      You can have your address lists of 1,000 or more "cleansed" at the same time that you do a mailing. The recommended mailing houses listed below can advise you on formatting your disk or list, as well as cost. Maintaining your address lists will allow you to secure better discounts on postage. Only US addresses will be accepted. International mailings must be separated with the indicia covered. Cards and self-mailers must be in envelopes and will be picked up by Mail Services.

      Mailing Houses

      The following mailing houses are the only DU-approved bulk mail vendors.

      Beacon Printing

      • Terri Witt: 303-922-4384 or
      • TERO Certified: Major Employer – Certified American Indian Owned
      • Green Business Certified
      • Certified G7 Master Printer


      • John Braselton: 303-744-7800
      • Certified G7 Master Printer

      Direct Mail Concepts

      • Lenny: 303-791-4303
      • Member of the Greater Denver Postal Customer Council

      DME Delivers/PPI Sports

      • Shane Secunda: 386-228-7238

      Vision Graphics

      • Rocky Jones: 303-432-2030


      • Todd Bacon: 303-629-6155

      Mailing house fees include pick-up from your department or the Quick Copy center and delivery to the USPS Bulk Mail Entry Unit. They are also responsible for getting the Mail Services manager's original signature on the necessary forms when presenting your mail at the BMEU. No other signature will be accepted.

      The mailing house will invoice your department for the services they provide, but not the postage. Do not have a check cut for postage. Postage for the Permit 321 account is maintained by Mail Services. You must notify Mail Services at least 10 days in advance of a large mailing (400+ pieces of mail) to ensure that sufficient funds are in the account.

      Once the printing has been done, you must send an actual piece to University of Denver Mail Services via intra-campus mail with your job number (Sxxxx) on it. Some mailing houses will send the final piece to Mail Services for you. This is also required by the Postal Service.

    • Endorsements

      Endorsements must be printed 1/4-inch below the return address. (They do measure!) Address Service Requested is the most preferred.

      Address Service Requested: Forwarding and Return
      New Address Notification Provided

      • If forwarded, a separate change-of-address notification is provided.
      • If returned, a new address or reason for non-delivery is provided.

      Forwarding Service Requested: Forwarding and Return
      New Address Notification Provided Only for Return

      • If forwarded, a separate change-of-address notification is not provided.
      • If returned, a new address or reason for non-delivery is provided.

      Return Service Requested: No Forwarding, Only Return
      New Address Notification Provided

      • If undeliverable as addressed, it is returned to the sender with new address information or a reason for non-delivery provided. Separate change-of-address notification is not provided.

      Change Service Requested: No Forwarding or Return
      New Address Notification Provided

      • A separate change-of-address notification with new address information or a reason for non-delivery is provided and an address correction fee is charged.
      • The mail piece is disposed of as waste.

      No Endorsement: UAA Handled by Class of Mail

      • For First-Class Mail and Standard Mail (B), the treatment is the same as if endorsed Forwarding Service Requested.
      • For periodicals, forwarding is provided for 60 days. After 60 days, or if unforwardable, a separate address correction notification is provided and the periodical is disposed of as waste.
      • All unendorsed Standard Mail (A) is disposed of as waste.
    • Operation Schedule

      Incoming mail from the US Postal Service is picked up each morning, sorted by department name, and delivered to each department every day. Our staff has about 90 minutes to sort around 5,000 pieces of incoming mail. Please make sure to include your department name and suite number when providing your DU mailing address. Incoming mail that does not include a department name or suite number may be delayed or delivered to the wrong department.

    • Campus Relocation
      • To update your address in campus directory, submit an online Employee Campus Directory Update through Information Technology.
      • Notify Mail Services of your new campus location including department name, building, floor, and the suite number of your mail stop. Please email both your old on-campus address and your new on-campus address to the Manager of Mail and Receiving.
      • Notify vendors, catalog subscriptions, external clients, and University of Denver colleagues who normally send you inter-departmental mail of your new address.
    • Stop Junkmail & Catalogs

      Catalog Choice

      Sign in and cancel catalogs in your name by joining Catalog Choice, a non-profit organization dedicated to decreasing catalog deliveries. Catalog Choice's mission is to stop junk mail for good. For the past eight years, Catalog Choice has been passionate about helping protect natural resources and helping you simplify your life. Use this free service to cancel specific catalogs and other types of paper mail you no longer wish to receive. If the catalog you would like to cancel does not show up on the Catalog Choice search engine, you may need to contact the company who sent the catalog via email or their website's "Contact Us" section. Many companies include an "unsubscribe" feature on the same tab as the "subscribe" feature on their website.


      Become an Eco-Leader and stop junk mail including unsolicited credit card applications, phone books, and other direct marketers by visiting Eco-Cycle is a Boulder-based non-profit with a mission to identify, explore, and demonstrate the emerging frontiers of sustainable resource management through the concepts and practices of #zerowaste.

      • Follow @EcoCycle on Twitter!
      • Email the Postmaster General's office in Washington to ask for a way to opt out of receiving bulk mailings and tell them you want better choices with your mail.
    • Student Mail
      • To properly address mail for students living on campus, please visit the Housing & Residential Education site and click on the residence hall your student calls home. For example, if your student lives in JMAC, click on "Explore JMAC" and the mailing instructions will be found on the right side of JMAC's unique page.
      • Stamps are available for purchase at the University Bookstore, located in Driscoll South on the 2nd level.
      • Packages may be mailed out from PakMail, located at 2443 S. University, Denver, CO 80210.
      • Packages may also be mailed out from the nearest United States Post Office, less than one mile from campus at 3800 Buchtel Blvd., Denver, CO 80210.
      • Outgoing stamped, addressed letters may be left at the front desk of each residence hall or dropped off at the blue USPS mailbox near the sidewalk on the south side of Johnson McFarlane Hall (1901 E. Iliff, Denver, CO 80210).
      • To get the delivery status of a package or letter, please check with your carrier first. There may be a slight delay between the time a delivery is marked as "delivered" and the time that the front desk staff scans the package into StarRez. Once the delivery is scanned into StarRez, an automated email will be sent notifying the recipient of the delivery.
    • Ordering First-Class Stamps
      • Call x1-3187 with your FOAP information to order stamps
      • For same-day delivery, please call before 9:00 a.m.
      • Limit five rolls of 100 stamps per order
    • Mail Stop Code Information

      For mail stop code information, please call x1-3187.

    • Other Services
      • For all departments, the Mail Services manager is available to speak at your staff meetings, as well as for new employee information.
      • Certified Mail forms are available.
      • Stamps can be charged to your budget number. For same-day delivery, call before 9:00 a.m. Allow more time for holiday stamps, postcards, and odd denominations.
      • US Postal Service Express and Priority Mail, certified UPS Overnight and Second Day envelopes as well as forms are available.
      • Call us before 9:00 a.m. for extra tubs or trays if you have more mail than usual to be picked up.
      • Courier service is available through Denver Boulder Couriers, as they are already set up in Banner. Call 303-571-5719 for on- and off-campus courier services. Your department will be billed directly by the courier.

    Please use the official United States Postage rates to determine the costs of your outgoing mail and packages.


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    Mail Services & Warehouse Location

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