Advisory Board

  • Elaine Scallan Walter, PhD

    Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health

    Colorado School of Public Health

  • Melissa Mimna

    Laboratory Program Supervisor

    City of Boulder

  • Jim LaGace

    Senior Wastewater Operator 

    Upper Blue Sanitation District

  • Cresten Mansfeldt, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • Claire Macpherson

    Director, Communicable Disease Division

    San Juan Basin Public Health

  • Danica Lee

    Director, Division of Public Health Investigation

    Denver Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Alexander Yu, MD

    Public Health Medical Officer

    California Wastewater Surveillance Program Co-Lead

  • Jude Bayham, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics

    Colorado State University

  • Lisa Maier, MD

    Chief, Division of Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences

    National Jewish Health



National Wastewater Surveillance System Center of Excellence