The Colorado NWSS CoE is proud to offer a range of consultation services to support a vast array of public health, epidemiology, and bioinformatics functions. We provide in-person and remote site visits with wastewater utilities, public health agencies and public health laboratories. We connect epidemiologists, environmental health professionals, and laboratorians with their peers to facilitate the sharing of resources and technical expertise. 

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the University of Denver regularly provide technical expertise and guidance to partners across the nation related to wastewater monitoring. These services are offered both in individual and group formats. To better understand the individuality of wastewater systems and provide the best technical assistance possible, we provide onsite wastewater consulting to public health agencies and wastewater utilities throughout the region. We have experience working with both large urban municipal wastewater treatment facilities and small rural utilities. 

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Consultation Offerings

  • Introduction and Overview

    Overview and discussion of wastewater monitoring tailored to unique circumstances of agency or facility. Includes discussion of setting up a monitoring program, collection of samples, testing of samples, and considerations for data analysis and visualization (60-minute phone or Zoom call).   

  • Overcoming a Challenge

    Advance review of materials including operating procedures and data. Discussion around particular challenges with brainstorming of solutions and collaboration on corrective action. (45-minute phone or Zoom call).

  • Site Evaluation

    On-site visit and evaluation of process, methods and review of best practice. Analysis of data and evaluation of performance, includes feedback on operations and suggestions for improvement. Hosted by local agency/institution. (One day in person).



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