Controlled Items

All researchers should know which equipment and technical information or data involved in each of their research projects might provoke an export control issue. Generally, items and services with military applications or items that significantly affect our national interests are considered Controlled Items and may be subject to export controls. Controlled Items are found in two areas:

The following lists provide examples of the type of equipment, technology or technical information and data that might be controlled. For a complete list, check the links above.

  • Commerce Control List (CCL)

    This provides a list of items under the export control jurisdiction of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce. The CCL can be found here.

    Some examples of items and technology controlled under the CCL are:

    • Materials science
    • Space-related propulsion systems and vehicles and related technology
    • Sensors and lasers and related technology
    • Biotechnology
    • Microorganisms and toxins
    • High-level electronics related to computers, telecommunications and information security, including encrypted software
  • Munitions List (ML)

    The munitions list provides information regarding articles and services designated as defense articles and services governed by the Arms Export Control Act. These items produce the United States Munitions List (22 CFR Part 121) and are regulated through the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls.

    Examples of common items controlled under the munitions list are:

    • All forms of military equipment and electronics
    • Vessels of war and special naval equipment, tanks and military vehicles and military aircraft
    • Protective personnel equipment and shelters
    • Fire control, range finders, optical guidance and control equipment
    • Spacecraft systems and associated equipment, including communications satellites, remote sensing satellites, scientific and research satellites, and navigation satellites, including GPS-receiving equipment designed or modified for military use
    • Directed energy weapons, including lasers, particle beam systems, particle accelerators with destructive power, high power radio-frequency systems, target acquisition or tracking systems, and power radio frequency systems
    • Submersible vessels and oceanographic and associated equipment, including vessels manned or unmanned, tethered or untethered, or powered by nuclear propulsion plants