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Campus Safety

Campus Safety


The Division of Campus Safety (DCS) will accept all concerns and complaints alleging member misconduct, behavior and/or work performance deficiencies or dissatisfaction with DCS directives, procedures, protocols and service in order to:

1. Ensure that concerns relating to the operations and management of the Division are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

2. Ensure that complaints alleging member misconduct and/or work performance deficiencies are accepted and investigated in a consistent and reasonable manner to uncover the truth of the allegations

3.Identify areas of misunderstanding by the person lodging the concern or complaint.

4. Identify personnel whose conduct, behavior, and/or work performance is in need of correction, disciplinary action or supervisory intervention.

5. Protect personnel and the Division from false or erroneous complaints.

6.Identify Division directives, procedures, protocols, training and/or practices in need of reevaluation, clarification and/or improvement.

Filing an Informal Concern:

Informal Concerns are generally minor in nature and you can request that your identity remain confidential. You may file an informal concern by contacting the Division of Campus Safety’s Captain of Patrol Operations: Send email

The Patrol Captain may determine, based on the information you've provided, that the concern is of a nature that requires a formal complaint. In that situation, the Patrol Captain will initiate an investigation on your behalf.

Filing a Formal Complaint:

You may file a formal complaint by filling out the online complaint form below. Formal complaints are generally used for more serious allegations of misconduct on the part of a Campus Safety Employee.

Please note: your identity can remain confidential in a formal complaint, however, your anonymity can have a negative impact on our ability to investigate your complaint. If you request that your identity remain confidential, we will contact you to determine what level of involvement you would like in the investigation.

All complaints, regardless of their severity, are investigated by the Division of Campus Safety.