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  • Course Code: ENRICH-0904_GOOG
  • Location: University Park
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  • Fee: $35
Using Google to Make Your Life and Travel Easier
One Zoom Session
Mon., Nov. 18, 2024, 6:30-8:30 pm MT

Use Google to make your life and travel a lot easier from your computer or phone. In this Zoom session, Scott Henke, a high-tech expert who’s been helping customers with their tech needs for 42 years, shows you some surprising capabilities of the famed search engine―capabilities that can add lots of efficiency and convenience to your daily life. “Google is far more than a massive search engine,” Henke says. “If you only master one website, make it Google because it’s quite possible to get 90% of your internet life done starting from this one site.” Henke starts the class with a thorough overview to highlight special features like Google Photos (an automatic photo organizer), Google Calendar (a scheduler), Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Lens (search what you see), unlimited clip art, YouTube videos and much more. Then, learn fun ways to plan and organize your vacations on Google Maps. Henke adds that having a Gmail address helps in using Google features, and recommends you get one regardless if you use Gmail. “This is a fast-paced and fun session,” Henke says. “Also, please know that I email handouts ahead of time, which you can use for note-taking during the class.”

Scott Henke is the owner of Onsite Consulting, an award-winning company that’s been helping people with their tech issues since 1982. Henke says his company helps an average of two people a day recover from hackers and identity theft. Henke has been teaching classes since 1994, bringing humor and insight to the complex.


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Days of the Week Start Date End Date Time Venue Instructor
Monday 18 November 2024 18 November 2024 06:30PM - 08:30PM All Students Scott Henke