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In Motion, in Mind: Tai Chi Fusion of Movement, History and Philosophy
Two Zoom Sessions
Tue., Nov. 12, 19, 2024, 6:30-8:30 pm MT

Okay, take a couple of deep relaxing breaths. Now let these words float gently into your thoughts: mindfulness, inner peace, tranquility, relaxation. Still here? Haven’t fallen asleep? Good. You’re already getting a sense of tai chi, the ancient martial art that approaches exercise with slow, flowing movements designed to boost your strength, flexibility and balance—all essential elements for maintaining mobility and vitality as we grow older. “Unlike high-impact exercises that can strain joints and muscles, tai chi offers a low-impact alternative that gently works the entire body, improving circulation, enhancing range of motion and reducing the risk of falls,” says Dr. Zibin Guo, a tai chi chuan master. In this online class, Guo introduces tai chi’s movements plus its history and philosophy. We know, for example, that tai chi originated in China, and it traces its roots to Taoist and Confucian principles, emphasizing the cultivation of qi (life energy) and the balance of yin and yang forces. Guo explains that while tai chi originally developed as a method of self-defense, it gradually evolved into a gentle, flowing sequence of movements now practiced the world over. “Tai chi practitioners learn to move with grace and fluidity, with deliberate movements that cultivate peacefulness and serenity,” Guo says.

Dr. Zibin Guo is a professor in medical anthropology at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and a tai chi chuan master. He specializes in applied medical anthropology and applies traditional healing to promote wellbeing. Dr. Guo and his team have conducted 107 tai chi workshops for 1,480 Veterans Affairs’ healthcare providers.


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Tuesday 12 November 2024 19 November 2024 06:30PM - 08:30PM All Students Zibin Guo