Religious Accommodations for DU Students, Faculty, and Staff

The University of Denver honors and respects its community members' rights to observe sincerely held religious beliefs and practices. A need for religious accommodation may arise where an individual’s religious beliefs, observances, or practices conflict with a specific task or requirement of the individual’s education, employment or application process. The University welcomes students, applicants, staff and faculty to submit religious accommodations to the University.    

The University provides information related to religious accommodations, including class/schedule changes, leave for religious holidays, as well as dress/grooming practices. The University encourages students and applicants to review the University’s Statement and Procedures on Religious Accommodations for Students to learn how to submit a religious accommodation request as a student or applicant. 

The University welcomes staff and faculty to review the Employee Handbook to learn how to submit a religious accommodation request as an employee.

If you believe you have experienced religious discrimination as a member of the DU community, please submit a report to EOIX.