Faculty DEI Resources

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion supports faculty in your DEI efforts throughout all aspects of your work. Please see below to locate current information and resources on faculty hiring and resources for how faculty can integrate DEI into the curriculum.

Faculty Hiring

The University of Denver is strongly committed to the pursuit of excellence by including and integrating individuals who represent different social groups. By achieving and maintaining a multicultural constituency of administrators, faculty and staff, we as an institution can gain an edge in educational and research opportunities and in preparing students for living and working in an increasingly diverse and global society.

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is available to support the efforts of hiring managers to conduct search processes that are fair and include a large and diverse pool of applicants in order to make these gains for the University's mission and community. All members of DU faculty search committees must complete training prior to starting the search process. If you would like to schedule a search committee training for a staff or administrative level hire, please reach out to the DEI division at inclusion@du.edu. 

Register for Faculty Search Committee Training Winter 2024


Inclusive Teaching Practices - Office of Teaching & Learning

The Division of DEI collaborates with the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), which leads DEI initiatives that involve curricular, classroom, faculty development and assessment practices.

Inclusive teaching practices require us to engage the wealth of intersecting social identities and positionalities that faculty and students bring to the classroom. Whether face-to-face or online, inclusion must not be an afterthought. Rather, it should permeate every aspect of curriculum and course design, classroom management, and assessment of teaching and learning (Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, 2018).

Visit the Inclusive Teaching Practices Website

Faculty of Color Association (FOCA)

The DU Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) is a voluntary empowerment and advocacy group composed of faculty members from under-represented racial and ethnic groups within the University community.

To get connected with FOCA email co-chairs Dr. Apryl Alexander or Brian Gonzales, MSW.

  • FOCA Mission

    Committed to advancing the Inclusive Excellence mission of the institution, FOCA will play a significant role in how the University utilizes its power and institutional authority to address race and racism as complex cultural constructs at the individual and collective level that impact economic, political and policy dynamics of the institution and larger society.

  • FOCA Goals

    In the belief that shared governance and joint action will increase the University's capacity to successfully fulfill its mission to create an open, diverse, and inclusive academic and cultural environment, FOCA strives to achieve the following goals:

    • Create, develop, and foster community and collaboration among DU faculty of color including support and advocacy for faculty of color, particularly junior faculty.
    • Promote and cultivate the value of diversity and inclusiveness in research, teaching, and service in campus life and community.
    • Advocate for the advancement of University diversity initiatives.
    • Be proactive in holding the University accountable for any actions that impact faculty, staff and students of color.
    • Create greater representation and inclusiveness of faculty of color in recruitment, retention, tenure, promotion and governance.
    • Advance an understanding of issues impacting faculty, staff, and students of color among the institution's constituencies and decision making bodies.
    • Form and support alliances and coalitions of subordinated and marginalized groups and communities, both internal and external to DU—locally, nationally, and globally.
    • Create cultural awareness and serve as a resource for preserving the richly diverse cultural history of the institution and ensuring that history informs future decision making.

Diversity, Equity, and, Inclusion Curriculum Resources

The following resources and information are offered in support of faculty efforts to create more inclusive classrooms.  If you have suggestions for a resource or event that should be included on this page, please send information about the item to inclusion@du.edu.

  • Office of Teaching & Learning

    Inclusive Pedagogy is a student-centered approach to teaching that engages the wealth of intersecting social identities and positionalities that all students bring to the classroom. It must not be an afterthought, rather, it should permeate every aspect of curriculum and course design, classroom management, and assessment of teaching and learning (Iturbe-LaGrave, 2018).

    Read More About Inclusive Pedagogy and the OTL

    Inclusive Teaching Practices

  • AY 2020-2021 Holidays

    Join us in helping make DU a more religiously inclusive experience for our students.

    • Check out DU's Religious Accommodations page here!
    • Check out DU's Office of Teaching and Learning's Spiritual and Religious Diversity page here!
    • Check an interfaith calendar here!
    • Transform your everyday online calendar into an interfaith calendar by following the step-by-step guide here!

    View the Faculty-Wide Request from our DU Community to create a more religiously inclusive experience for our students.

    Faculty-Wide Request: AY 2021-2022 Holidays

  • Antiracism Resources, University of Denver Libraries

    This guide is intended to provide general information for anti-racist learning and practice specific to anti-Black racism. It includes information and resources specific to current dialogues within the University of Denver community, and the resources listed here are by no means exhaustive.

    The creators of this guide recognize that systemic racism is prevalent at DU and in the University Libraries, and that our individual biases are at work herein. This guide is not a statement that DU, the University Libraries, or the guide's creators are exempt from white supremacy, nor is it indicative of its creators' exemption from further anti-racist work. Simply put, this guide is a set of tools. There's so much to be done outside of this guide--the work of dismantling white supremacy--and our hope is that these tools serve you well in the work. You can find this resource here.

  • Bibliographies & Resources Lists
  • Community + Values

    Throughout the year, Community + Values hosts events, speakers, webinars, and discussions and carries out various initiatives to create connections and build a sense of belonging at the University of Denver. Especially in this virtual time, C + V is working to create programs and events that help our community feel connected and supported. Visit their website to find past and future events.