Technology Purchases Policy

Information Technology (IT) supports University owned computer hardware, software and peripherals in ways that ensure convenient, reliable and secure computing for the campus community. In order to maintain network and application integrity, IT is charged with endorsing technology purchases that are sustainable, compatible with existing systems, and can be efficiently supported. To meet these criteria, IT has established the following guidelines and procedures for the purchase of these technologies.

Desktop and Laptop Hardware and Software Purchases

In order to take advantage of discount and volume pricing contracts and ensure that technology acquisitions meet university standards, purchases of personal computer equipment and software are coordinated through IT. Consult IT Recommendations for New Computers when preparing to order personal computing equipment or software. Purchases of PC and Mac software do not need approval of IT UNLESS the purchase is campus wide site license, a volume license for 50 or more or will require changes to the University's network or centrally maintained systems.

Network and Systems Technology Purchases

Acquisitions of non-personal computer hardware, software and networking equipment purchases must be approved by IT. In some situations where services are being considered for purchase or new systems are being considered for in-house development, IT must review and approve vendor selections, consultant engagements and development plans to ensure that vendor or consultant competencies and system interface requirements are appropriate to protect University information and assets.

Network and Computer Hardware

IT must review and approve any hardware technology purchase or deployment that modifies the university's network structure or could compromise the physical or logical security of the network. All networking equipment that is to be used on the university’s network must be authorized and approved by IT Telecommunications Services before purchase and deployment.

All other non-personal computer hardware that requires access to or from any portion of the university’s network including but not limited to servers, shared storage, and other network-attached technologies must be approved by IT. For purchases of AV equipment, please contact Digital Media Services.


Purchase of operating systems and software applications that will be utilized on servers connected to the campus network must be approved by IT. All orders for bulk licensing including site and volume licenses for desktops, Macs and servers must have prior approval of IT.


IT requires review of all agreements or engagements that modify or extend the function of centrally maintained systems, that require the use of any IT software or hardware system services, or that interface with centrally maintained applications or systems.

IT also requires a review of systems or services to be contracted by off-campus entities (outsourced, hosted or Cloud-based) that contain or house University data or records or require interfacing with University data or records.

New Technology Initiatives

All business applications and system implementations are subject to review. The New Technology Initiative Review Form ensures that feasibility analysis and due diligence for all technical application proposals at the University of Denver are completed.