DU Wiki Usage Policy

DU's Wiki supports online collaborative efforts at the University. Generally, this means internal projects/documentation and collaborative work of a nature that is not better accomplished in existing online tools like Canvas or DU Portfolio. DU's wiki provides:

  • Asynchronous editing of page content in a web browser
  • Macros to "pull" many kinds of content from the web into a wiki page
  • The option to attach existing documents to a wiki page 
  • Basic versioning of wiki page content (track changes)

General Policy

  • Only DU users with active DU credentials may log in and edit wiki pages.
  • All wiki spaces must be directly related to furthering the University Vision, Values, Mission & Goals. Spaces may not be used for commercial purposes, unlawful activities, or personal financial gain. Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • No copyrighted material may be posted without permission from the copyright holder. Please refer to DU's Intellectual Property, Copyright and Related Issues pages.


  • By default, all members of a wiki space are be able to create, edit, and remove pages/assets in the wiki space.
  • Each wiki space must have a DU Faculty/Staff Space Administrator. 
  • Space Administrators are responsible for making and/or authorizing space membership requests.
  • Spaces that are inactive for a year may by archived and removed.


Requests for plugins should be made through a wiki support request. Plugins will be checked for redundancy, evidence of active support/development efforts, and compatibility with the current DU wiki environment. Plugins will be tested on a test server before installation on the production server. 

Wiki Courses

Canvas is the recommended location for wiki tools intended to be used for a single course or term. In general, faculty should request a space in the DU wiki for student work only for special or long-term projects.

Personal Wikis

The DU wiki is provided to support collaborative work. Users requiring a personal web presence at DU should consider DU Portfolio. For users interested in build basic HTML, mysite.du.edu web space is available. 


Visit the DU Wiki page or DU Wiki Help / Resources space in the DU wiki for DU-specific help, and links to the wiki software vendor: Atlassian Confluence.

If you do not find answers to your wiki questions in those pages, you may open a wiki support request. Use the same link to request access to the wiki, or to request the creation of a new wiki space.