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Digital Media Services' experienced staff is your partner in producing dynamic, creative content and will provide you with the consultation and support you need in creating a polished and memorable video for your event or campaign.

Services we provide:

Live Event Video

  • We offer video capture for speeches, presentations, guest lecturers and other live events and offer multi-camera setups and audio capture for all types of live events.
  • We also offer live switching and streaming where multiple cameras can be edited together instantly and streamed online through various platforms.

Creative Video

  • Our team excels in creative projects as well – from marketing and promotional videos to staged interviews and more.
  • We also offer branded motion graphics and logo animations.


There are two requirements for placing video event reservations:

  1. All video event requests should be made at least 7 calendar days prior to the event. Any video request made within this 7 day period may not be accommodated and, if accommodated, will be charged a 50% late fee.
  2. A request form must be filled out by clicking on the button below:
Video Request Form


Things to note:

  • Please be very detailed about your event. Include speaker names and current professional titles to be used for editing purposes.
  • If you cannot access VideoManager to make a request, please email
  • At this time, we are only able to accept requests from faculty and staff members from the University of Denver.
  • Any video request made within seven (7) calendar days of the event may not be accommodated. However, if accommodated, a 50% late fee will be assessed.
  • Video requests outside of the Denver metropolitan region must be evaluated and approved 

While each project is unique, requiring different production strategies, our standard equipment costs are as follows:

  • Camera Operation - $50 per hour
  • Microphone Use $25 per hour
  • Audio Recording - $50 per hour
  • Post-production Processing - $50 per hour

For other services and the use of additional equipment, our videographers will work with clients in order to develop a detailed price quote specific to the exact production needs.

Sample Production Packages

Gold Package

Gold Package Example 1 Gold Package Example 2
2017 Commencement Engaging Ideas - Strategic Issues Program

Gold Package – This is our highest-level video production offering. This package is selected for larger events and promotional initiatives where 2+ cameras and broadcast gear are needed. These events are larger in size where there are normally greater than 100 guests. Gold level package requires a complex production environment and require a larger equipment footprint and more trained staff to record and broadcast the event. 

Examples:  Large events, graduation hooding ceremonies, and special initiatives that require a larger technology need or live streaming, university partner marketing initiatives, event marketing, fully animated infographics or explainer videos.

  • Live Streamed and/or directed events 

  • Custom branded motion graphics package 

  • Fully animated and branded marketing and promotional videos 

  • Panel interviews 

  • Graduation events 

  • Fundraising events 

  • Special project initiatives 



Crimson Package


Crimson Package 1 Crimson Package Example 2
DisCOver Challenge 2017 Chilean Immersion - GSPP

Crimson Package – This is our mid-level video production offering. This package is selected for mid-sized events and promotional initiatives where 1-2 cameras and broadcast gear are needed. These events tend to be less than 100 guests and the production needs require a moderate amount of equipment and staff to capture the event. 

Examples: Smaller scale marketing videos with university partners, event marketing videos, Infographics, campus building tours.   

  • Live switched and/or live-streamed event 

  • Panel discussion or presentation with multiple speakers 

  • Minimally animated marketing and promotional videos 

  • 1 on 1 Interviews  

  • Fireside chats 




Pioneer Package


Pioneer Package Example 1 Pioneer Package Example 2
GSSW - White Fragility Maximizing Pay - University Advancement

Pioneer Package - This is our base-level video production offering. This production package is selected for small events where only the recordings are needed, and broadcasting is not necessary. Some events that use this package are guest speaker presentations, class recording, and employment candidate presentations.  

Examples:  Simple presentations where there is no need for streaming or multiple cameras

  • Guest speaker with a presentation 

  • Panel discussion 

  • Interviews 

  • Employment candidate presentations 


Video Request Form