File Transfer Service

This service is ideal for DU community members who need to send or receive confidential data or transfer files that are too large to be sent via email. - How to Send Files

About this service

This service is ideal for DU community members who need to send or receive confidential data or transfer files that are too large to be sent via email.

Examples of how to use this service includes the secure sending or receiving of:

  • Financial data
  • Student data
  • Medical records
  • Research data sets
  • Large files (Chrome recommended for files larger than 2GB)

Step 1 - Log in screen

1. Log in 

Open Chrome and log in to .

If you are unable to log in, please contact the IT Help Center at 303.871.4700 for further assistance.


 2. Click Send Files

Click the "Send Files" menu option.


Step 2 - "Send Files to Guest User (Step 1 of 2)" screen

1. Enter a comment

Type a comment to provide details to the recipient about the purpose and contents of the file(s) being sent.


2. Enter the email address

Enter the email address of the recipient.

Separate multiple email addresses with commas.


3. Set the download expiration

Select the time for the download link to expire. The default expiration is set to midnight (12:00am) on the 7th day.

Please note that when the link expires, the file(s) will be deleted from


4. Optional: Set a password (required for sending confidential data)

If you would like to set a password to be required for downloading the file, click the “Require the guest to enter this password…” checkbox and set the password.

Suggestion: Send the password separately. Do not select “Include the password in the email” checkbox and do not type the password in the Comments box.


5. Click Next 

Click the “Next >>” button.


Step 3 - "Send Files to Guest User: Upload Files (Step 2 of 2)" screen

1. Select files to send

Click the “Browse...” button.

Choose “Files on my Computer” or “Files on Serv-U” to select a file to upload.

This process will require the user to navigate their folders and browse to the file, highlight it, and click “Open” so that it is selected.

Repeat the above steps as necessary if multiple files are being uploaded.


2. Click Upload

After all files have been selected, click the “Upload >>” button.


3. Confirmation

After the upload is complete, a confirmation page will appear and an email is sent to the recipient with the download link.


4. Log out

Be sure to log out by clicking on the login name in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, and selecting the Logout option.


How to Download Secure Files (Receive Files)

The recipient will receive an email notification when a file is available for download. They will need to follow these instructions to download secure files, including files that have been sent with a password, or files that are too large to send via email.

Users receiving files via this method do not need a login account to download files.

Step 1 - Email notifications of file(s) available to download

1. Click the hyperlink

Click on the hyperlink in the email notification you receive. 


2. Optional: Enter password

If the sender is requiring a password in order to download the file, this screen will appear.

Enter the password provided to you by the sender and click the “Enter” button.

If you do not know the password, you will need to contact the sender. The IT Help Center does not have access to the password.


Step 2 - "Download Files" screen

1. Download file(s)

Check the box next to the file(s) you wish to download. Then click on the “Download” button.

Please note the date that access to downloading the files will expire. Files will be deleted from at that time. 


2. Open and save the file(s)

If you are using Chrome, the file download will appear in the lower portion of your window.

Click the file to open it and then save it to a desired location. Repeat the process as needed if there are multiple files.

Close the window when finished.