What is Wrike?

Wrike is the project management software utilized at the University of Denver.


Cost and Eligibility:

Like many software companies today, Wrike’s enterprise option has a cost associated per user.

Please complete this form to request a Wrike license.

Please note that there are multiple options for Wrike licensing. When submitting a licensing request, please note what type of license (regular or collaborator) and how many of each license you will need for your area. Click here to view the different licensing types.

Note: SSO, single sign on, is enabled for Wrike.  When logging in to Wrike, please use your DU credentials as you would if logging in to MyDU.  You will be directed to DUO to authenticate.


Features and Benefits:

  • Create dashboards to visualize tasks
  • Plan projects and resources
  • Streamline tasks and processes
  • Use Gantt charts and Kanban boards to view progress
  • Set up approvals and other automations


Training Resources: