What is MyDU?

MyDU is the new portal replacing PioneerWeb. MyDU is the one stop shop for all faculty, staff, and student resources. PioneerWeb will be available until September 2022.


Cost and Eligibility:

MyDU is available to all DU students, faculty and staff at no cost. As of June 13, 2022, the new MyDU Portal is live. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to begin using MyDU immediately.


How To Get Started:

Login to using your username and password.


Please see below for some tips and tricks to help you navigate MyDU:



Search is the simplest way to access everything available to you within MyDU. You can search for pages, tools, files, and FAQs. Learn more about Search.



You can add Tools and Pages that you use often to your Shortcuts for quick, one-click access. To add an item, select the star icon next to the Page or Tool title. Want to learn more how to manage your shortcuts.


When using the search, results don't automatically display the "Add to Shortcuts" option. To find the shortcuts option, select either the Pages or Tools tabs in the results and "Add to Shortcuts" star icon will be available for each result.



Pages feature information from DU. Relevant Pages are already in your menu, and you can always click on the Pages heading to view all available pages. Just like Tools, Pages can be added to your Shortcuts menu. If you see a lock icon next to a Page, it is a required page and cannot be removed from your menu. Read more information on Pages.



Tools are direct links that give you one-click access to other systems and apps. You may already have some important tools in your menu, but you can always click on the Tools heading to explore more. You can add Tools to your menu by clicking the add to menu icon or favorite a Tool using the star. If you see a lock icon next to a Tool, it is required and cannot be removed from your menu. Read more information on Tools.


Account Settings

Adjust your account settings by clicking on your profile picture. Here you can change privacy settings to make your profile public or private. You can also use account settings to choose how you would like to be notified when activity happens on the platform. You can read more about the available privacy settings. There is more information on notifications, as well.


Announcements & Alerts

Announcements and alerts provide important information from DU. These announcements may show up in your activity feed as a notification or at the top of your dashboard. Read more information on annoucements and alerts



Your profile is located in the top right corner. Here you can add a profile picture and additional information. Any information in the "Private Information" section is only visible to you and MyDU administrators. Read more details on how to edit your profile.



Push notifications are any notification you receive in within MyDU. You can decide if and how you want to be notified by adjusting your notification preferences.



We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal information in MyDU. You can adjust your privacy settings at any time.


Training Resources: