REGROUP WILL BE REPLACED BY SALESFORCE MARKETING CLOUD BEGINNING JUNE 1,2024. For more information, see the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Project page in MyDU.

What is Regroup?

Regroup is an easy-to-use mass email notification platform for day-to-day communications to students, faculty and staff.  Through its integration with Banner, groups are populated nightly, placing students, faculty and staff in university-wide and college-specific groups.  Ad hoc groups can be created and managed manually as well.

Who can use it?

College and division-level leadership approves access to send to Regroup lists.

Features and benefits

  • No list management.  Group membership is automated.
  • HTML templates can be used to brand communications
  • Quickly email groups from Outlook
  • Easily communicate with multiple departments, facilities or select recipients
  • Allow non-technical users to send notifications via a user-friendly interface
  • Automate processes to save time and retain continuity of daily operations
  • Communicate with your entire network from your computer or mobile device

How do I start using Regroup?

Your manager can submit a request online to IT for your access.  We'll take it from there to gain the necessary approvals.

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