New Computer Quotes and Set Up

IT Recommendations for New Computers

IT recommends computer standardization to ensure the most efficient product support. When weighing a new computer purchase, please consider Dell OptiPlex line for desktops and Latitude line for laptops.  IT employs certified Dell technicians on staff to support these products.  

If you prefer an Apple Macintosh computer, please consider the following:

  • Mac computers typically cost more money than Dell computers for similar hardware specs.
  • Some applications are not supported for Macs:
    • Microsoft Access
    • Banner
    • EBMS
    • Scientific Notebook
    • Connections to network shared drives may require additional steps.
  • The following programs will need to be installed manually or at the IT Help Center:
    • Printers
    • Microsoft Office (IT Help Center must help with install)
    • Antivirust.

New Computer Quotes

  • To streamline our computer order process, IT has provided recommended configurations for purchasing new Dell computers.
  • The list of products will update every year based on component enhancements and configuration demand.
  • You will no longer need formal approval from IT or a Policy Exception Form filled out.
  • To order a Dell computer from a Desktop, Laptop, 2-in-1 and accessories please use the Computer Procurement form. 
  • The form provides detailed information for each configuration, best use and unit price.

*For quote requests other than standard configurations, complete the Policy Exception Form and attach it to the ServiceNow request.

New Computer Set Up

Once the new computer arrives, please follow the instructions in the box or in the online instructions "New DU Owned Dell Computer Setup".  Do not throw away any packing materials until your machine is up and running.

If you would like help setting up your new computer, you may schedule a new computer setup support visit by contacting the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700.  If the computer is a laptop you may bring it, along with the charger or AC adapter, to the IT Help Center located in Anderson Academic Commons, Suite 270.

Note: IT is not responsible for moving old computers, re-arranging furniture, or other office equipment.  Please coordinate with Facilities Management & Planning for these services.  

Please ensure an active network jack and an Ethernet cable with proper length is available for use before scheduling a new computer setup support visit.  If a network jack(s) needs to be activated, submit a support request, visit the IT Help Center or call 303-871-4700.

Computer File Transfer/Backup and Imaging

Please ensure all data from your current computer is backed up to a network shared drive, Personal “Z” Zephyr drive, OneDrive for Business, or external drive before requesting assistance setting up a new computer.  If you have an Apple Macintosh visit the Time Machine page for backup help.  Please visit the Data Backup webpage for detailed instructions.  Most common folders/files to backup include:

  • My Documents
  • Favorites
  • Desktop

IT provides computer imaging services to Faculty/Staff for specific models of DU owned Dell computers. An image is a clone of a hard drive, pre-configured with software that can be distributed to one or several other computers. The University has a standard image replacing the Dell factory default image. The DU standard image includes Windows 7 or 10 Enterprise, Office 2016 Professional Plus and Antivirus. 

  • DELL Computer: Configuration instructions are in the online article "New DU Owned Dell Computer Setup".
  • Non-DELL Computer:  IT does not manage images for non-Dell Windows machines, therefore your system will be setup as is, configured for the DU domain, Office Professional Plus, and antivirus installed & configured, map network shares, and map network printers.  
  • DU owned Microsoft Surface: IT does have images available at the IT Help Center.  A computer can be checked into the Service Center to have this software installed on the computer.  Please contact the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700. 

Repurpose/Recycle Old Computers

Once you are ready to start using your new computer, the old computer needs to be prepared to be repurposed/ recycled.  Before turning in your old computer, please ensure all documents and data are backed up as explained above.  Then, delete all your documents (which will go to the Recycle Bin).  Once you’ve deleted all documents, empty the Recycle Bin.  When complete, give your computer to your departmental assistant.   If old computers need to be recycled, visit the Electronic Equipment & Disposal page.  Please contact the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700 for help with removing or wiping a computer’s hard drive before repurpose/recycling. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the IT Help Center by phone at 303-871-4700 or  Request Help Online.


Computer Labs

The University of Denver has a number of computer labs on campus. Some of the labs are staffed and open to all students, staff, and faculty. Some allow some free printing with a valid DU ID card. Some labs have restrictions.

Lab directory. Please note that IT does not necessarily manage and support all labs at DU.