Data Encryption Options for Staff and Faculty Members

Encrypting data is an additional method to keep sensitive information, such as FERPA-related information, research participant personal information, or job candidate information, hidden from those who do not need or should not have access to it. There are multiple ways of encrypting data. One option tested on campus is VeraCrypt, a software-based encryption utility.

Software-based encryption utility (VeraCrypt)

VeraCrypt allows a user to create an encrypted volume in a file (similar to a .zip file) or encrypt an entire hard drive to keep data secure. There are versions for Windows XP and newer, Mac OS 10.6 and newer, and Linux with kernel 2.6 and newer.

Examples of use: 

  • Create an encrypted volume, on a file share, to store sensitive information that only a few people need to access
  • Encrypt an external hard drive or USB drive for when sensitive data needs to be moved from location to location