Public Printing

Wēpa is a third-party vendor, specializing in cloud-based, campus-wide, student printing and guest printing services. Kiosks are located in residence halls and other buildings across campus.

Printer Support

Wēpa is a vendor-managed print service and the vendor provides support between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday - Friday for troubleshooting and issue resolution. For assistance with printing issues, including failed print jobs, please contact Wēpa directly:

If you encounter issues outside of their business hours, it is recommended that you email Wēpa support with the print station number (located on the lower left-hand corner of the printer display screen (KIOSK_PROD_xxxxx) along with a description of the issue, and they will contact you during business hours. 

For more information about using Wēpa kiosks, refer to the Wēpa user guide.


Print or Scan Locations

wepa kiosk

To view a map of the nearest Wēpa printer near you, please use Print Station Locator and enter your zip code (i.e. 80210).

DU Campus Wepa Map DU Campus Print Station Legend

  Download DU Campus Print Station Locator Map (PDF)

Image #3

Global Print Station Locator Map

Location Listings


LocationBlack & WhiteColorScanner
North Campus (north of Evans Ave.)
Centennial Halls South (Residence)Main Lobby Near Cafeteria  
Centennial Towers South (Residence)Main Lobby West Side of Building  
Community CommonsCR1300  
Community CommonsCR2800  
Community CommonsRoom 3600 
Community CommonsRoom 3800 
Dimond Family Residential Village1st Floor Room 110  
Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.2nd Floor Inside the Library 
Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.2nd Floor Inside the Library 
Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.2nd Floor Inside the Library
Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg. 2nd Floor South Near Classroom 290
Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall2nd Floor Room 210 Computer Lab✓ 
Ricks Center for Gifted Children2nd Floor South Library 
Shwayder Art Building1st Floor East Near Elevator
Sturm Hall2nd Floor Across from 248 Davis Auditorium Near Vending Machines 
Sturm Hall2nd Floor Across from 248 Davis Auditorium Near Vending Machines 
University Place Apartments (Residence)Apartment Office 
Central Campus (south of Evans Ave. and north of Iliff Ave.)
Anderson Academic Commons1st Floor Near 191 
Anderson Academic Commons2nd (Main) Floor Next to IT Help Center 
Anderson Academic Commons2nd (Main) Floor Next to IT Help Center 
Anderson Academic Commons3rd Floor Near 390 Ray Bradbury Study Room
Craig HallGSSW Room 169 
Daniels College of Business1st Floor Near Einstein's   
Daniels College of Business1st Floor Near Einstein's  
Johnson-McFarlane Hall (Residence)Main Lobby  
Joy Burns CenterRoom 208  
Margery Reed HallBasement Room 007 Near Vending Machines  
Nagel Hall (Residence)Main Lobby  
Nelson Hall (Residence)Main Lobby Near the ATM  
Sié Chéou-Kang Center2nd Floor Above Coffee Shop 
South Campus (south of Iliff Ave.)
Ammi Hyde BuildingGSPP 1st Floor Near Kitchen & Vending Machines  ✓
Boettcher Center WestHallway Inside the North Entrance 
Clarence M. Knudson Hall2nd Floor South Lounge  
Engineering & Computer Science1st Floor Across from WOW Cafe  
F.W. Olin HallMain Hallway Near North Offices  
Mass Communications BuildingSouth Hallway East Side
Newman Performing Arts CenterRoom 400 Lounge Room 

How to Print

Students, faculty, staff, and public patrons can print or scan in one of the following ways:

  • Wēpa Print App: download the Wēpa print software for your laptop or computer or print from one of DU's computer labs
  • Web Upload: upload documents to the Wēpa portal using a web browser
  • Mobile Devices: Upload documents from a mobile device using the Wēpa app (download from the mobile app store)
  • USB Drive: bring a USB drive and plug it directly into a kiosk
  • Email to Print: attach the documents and email and a 6-digit release code will be emailed to you to release the print job at a kiosk
  • Access Cloud Storage (including Office 365 for Business, Canvas, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and personal OneDrive) directly from a Wēpa kiosk

How to Scan

For kiosks with scanners, please refer to vendor documentation on how to use these devices:


In an effort to support and promote our commitment to the University’s strategic initiative “Sustainable DU”, beginning with the start of DU’s winter quarter 2020 and Law’s spring semester 2020, students will receive a print credit that can be used at any time through the duration of your quarter or semester. Once you have depleted this credit, you may continue to print on public printers at your own cost. Credits expire at the end of each term and they do not roll over.

Print credits will be: 
  • $25 per quarter 
  • $39 per semester  

Wēpa has partnered with PrintReleaf to certifiably reforest consumed paper at Wēpa print stations.

  Please be conscious of the impact that printing has on our financial and natural resources.
Print only when necessary and when possible, please consider printing in Black & White rather than Color.

Costs to Print 

Color Setting, Size
Single Sided
Double Sided
Black and White, Letter (8.5 x 11)$0.10$0.19
Color, Letter (8.5 x 11)$0.45$0.89
Black and White, Legal (8.5 x 14)$0.19$0.37
Color, Legal (8.5 x 14)$0.89$1.75
Black and White, Ledger (11x17)$0.19$0.37
Color, Ledger (11x17)$0.99$1.95

How to Pay

Release your documents from any Wēpa kiosk by paying with:

  • Recommended method: Add funds to your Wēpa account online via the Wēpa mobile app, by logging into the Wēpa portal and going to “Deposit Funds”, or add money to your Wēpa account from any Wēpa kiosk using a credit or debit card.
  • Alternate method: Securely pay for your prints directly at the kiosk with a credit or debit card.
    Please note: These transactions will incur an additional $0.40 per print job service fee, imposed by financial institutions. Avoid this fee by using your credit/debit card to load a minimum of $5 into your Wēpa account, then select Wēpa account as your method of payment.

*iPhone 7 and later, running at least iOS 11 supports the Wēpa app via NFC (contactless payment)

Wēpa Campus Printing App

Wepa Express - Touchless printing with the Wepa Print app!
* Browse and add files from Google Drive, Office365, Dropbox, and more
* Select files for touchless release and set up payment
* Log in fast at the print station by tapping your phone
* Deposit with Venmo, PayPal, or Credit/Debit
For more information, please visit or email
If you need immediate assistance, contact customer service at 1-800-675-7639 or chat live at


Download Wepa App from the Apple Store Download Wepa App from Google Play

Who Can Use It

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Public patrons

If you'd like to report a print station that needs more supplies, please place orders through the IT Service Desk Public Printer Supplies form. Printer administrators are identified for each building and have access to the Public Printer Administrator FAQ Guide.