Web Liaisons Group

Here at DU, only a small percentage of pages are maintained centrally. The large majority are maintained by individual departments. Distributed maintenance has the benefit of putting those closest to the information in charge of it’s delivery.

This de-centralized model requires that we work especially hard at coordination. Web Liaisons is a primary means of sharing information and keeping website owners nd maintainers up-to-date at DU.

What do Web Liaisons do?

Although DU websites on the central server have a single "owner," most websites have more than one content maintainer. We recommend that all du.edu site owners and maintainers to join web liaisons.

Web Liaisons should be willing to:

  • Keep their site current and accurate;
  • Inform faculty and staff in their area about issues relating to the DU Web as a whole and their portion of the site in particular;
  • Be a member of the web-liaison mailing list and Yammer group, and stay informed of issues relating to the DU Web as a whole;
  • Share plans for their site with University Communications and IT;
  • And respond to feedback requests from others.