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Off-Campus Hangouts

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Alyssa Hurst

When you venture off campus, you’ll find something to suit every taste, and each establishment contributes to the buzz of college life at DU.

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The University of Denver’s greens, buildings and hangouts often get all the hype, but a vibrant college experience isn’t just built within the borders of campus. The bustling businesses, vitally important coffee shops and local hubs that surround the University are all part of the DU experience.

These are just a few of many community favorites.  

La Belle Rosette

Every college town has at least one treasured coffee shop dedicated to keeping students, faculty and staff buzzing with energy even as finals week brings heavy eyelids. La Belle Rosette is one of ours. Located near the intersection of South University Boulevard and East Wesley Avenue, La Belle offers a variety of coffee drinks, lemonade on tap, baked goods, breakfast burritos, paninis and more. All that comes with a welcoming side of local art and a cozy atmosphere.

Kaladi Coffee Roasters

For true coffee connoisseurs, Kaladi Coffee Roasters, located on East Evans Avenue, is sure to be your go-to local retreat. The coffee shop’s founders hoped to build a haven for coffee lovers, intending not just to serve some seriously delicious brews, but also to build community. In addition to sourcing high-quality beans and placing high value on sustainable growing practices and workers’ rights, Kaladi also supports local causes and organizations such as Denver-based nonprofit Youth Seen.

The Pioneer

Known locally as “The Pio,” this classic DU hangout is a cross between a sports bar and a Mexican restaurant. Not only is it exceptionally close to campus (located next to La Belle Rosette), but it also has a breezy rooftop patio that provides a prime location for enjoying Colorado’s famous sunshine with an order of chips and salsa and your preferred beverage.

Asbury Provisions

Asbury Provisions may be a college town tavern, but since its inception, the South University Boulevard establishment has aimed to raise expectations and elevate the bar-going experience. It’s a faculty and staff favorite for happy hour, with an extensive craft beer collection and creative hand-crafted cocktails. But drinks aren’t the only thing this local hangout does well. It’s tasty selection of snacks and sandwiches have earned Asbury plenty of love, too.

The *original* Chipotle

Back before Chipotle was a national chain pumping guacamole and queso into households across the country, it was a modest burrito shop by the University of Denver. That original store still beckons just a short stroll from campus. So next time you have a hankering for your familiar Chipotle order, stop by 1644 E. Evans Ave. for an extra serving of culinary history.

Insomnia Cookies

Sometimes we all need a little something sweet to celebrate finishing the quarter, comfort us when we’re feeling homesick or get us through a late-night study session. At DU, we have Insomnia Cookies ready to scratch that itch. While their delicious assortment of treats is just a short walk from campus, if you’re not feeling up to it, Insomnia delivers until 3 a.m. daily.

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