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COVID-19 Update: DU Returns to Green Alert Level

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University of Denver

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Dear DU community members,

I want to provide a brief update on new developments related to COVID-19 protocols and practices.

De-escalating to Alert Level Green

On September 24, we shared the circumstances that required us to elevate to alert level yellow. I am happy to report that due to a decrease in cases in the past week, we are able to de-escalate to alert level green. Thank you for following the protocols designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. By remaining committed to these protocols and finding virtual and small in-person opportunities to stay connected, we can stay at alert level green and do our best to keep the community healthy for the duration of the pandemic.

Waste Water Testing is a Success

The implementation of waste-water monitoring for COVID-19 in our residential buildings is already proving to be a powerful new tool in our efforts. Through this monitoring, we were able to identify a small cluster of positive cases well before they would have been identified via routine testing. When we detected a higher level of COVID-19 RNA in one building’s wastewater, we were able to target that building with broad testing, successfully isolating positive individuals so they can focus on getting well. This earlier and prompt intervention goes far toward halting the spread of the virus.

Additional Dashboard Updates

In our continual effort to remain transparent as well as informative about the status of COVID-19 infections on campus, we are working on two additional updates to the COVID-19 dashboard:

  1. We will make a distinction between active positive cases found on campus (i.e., those currently in isolation because they are capable of spreading the virus) vs. cumulative positives since the beginning of our on-site testing in July. This will include inactive cases (i.e., individuals who were once positive but have since recovered and are no longer believed capable of spreading the virus).
  2. We may provide additional detail on sanctions for COVID violations (for example, location restriction) and compliance with COVID protocols.

Look for these dashboard updates sometime in the coming week.

Thank you again, and always, for all you are doing during this dynamic time.

Sarah Watamura
COVID-19 Coordinator