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Get Into STEM(s) With These Denver-Area Plant Stores

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Emma Atkinson

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City Floral interior.

Courtesy of City Floral.

Anyone can have a green thumb—even those of you who consider yourselves serial plant murderers. All it takes is some perseverance, practice and a willingness to get dirt under your nails every now and then. And where better to kick off your jungle collection than a local Denver plant store?

Many of these shops have helpful staff that will happily answer your horticultural inquiries and give advice about the best ways to help your at-home greenhouse inhabitants thrive.

Check out these local nurseries and houseplant shops, and you’ll soon be well on your way to having the leafiest dorm room—and the cleanest air, thanks to plants’ ability to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen!

Leafy green plants.
Courtesy of The Bronze Petal.

The Bronze Petal

290 S. Logan Street

Just north of the University of Denver campus, this plant shop offers a wide variety of houseplants, including rare varieties like the Monstera Thai Constellation and the Philodendron Strawberry Shake. Here’s what they have to say on their website about their collection of uncommon plants: “Some Aroids are classified as ultra-rare or extraordinarily difficult to obtain. On occasion, we will strive to carry these heavily sought after beauties in our inventory. While they are considered ‘Holy Grail’ by the industry, we will only carry them if available from reputable sources.”

You can also find plant-related classes and workshops at this location, like the upcoming Paint, Plant & Sip event on July 29, where participants can paint a pot, pot a new plant and enjoy a charcuterie board (and wine for those ages 21+). Tickets are $52 per participant.

Plant garage exterior
Courtesy of Plant Garage.

Plant Garage

1000 N. Acoma Street

Plant Garage isn’t just a hub for houseplants—this shop offers a range of outdoor plants and landscaping tools like planters and fountains, too! Plant Garage’s employees are dedicated to providing customers with a positive experience—but don’t take it from us. Here’s what they have to say on their website: “We provide our customers with an array of plant recommendations that will thrive in their unique space; we thoroughly explain lighting and care for each individual plant; and we offer follow-up services through in-person consultations, social media messaging, texts and email. We offer a welcoming space for people of all plant skill levels and experience while ensuring each individual leaves our space feeling more confident and encouraged than when they walked in.”

Succulent plants.
Courtesy of The Herbery.

The Herbery

819 E. 6th Avenue

Looking for a plant shop experience that will fully engulf you? You’ll feel like a bug in a Venus flytrap (in the best way possible) when you walk into The Herbery. The space is absolutely packed with succulents, cacti, tropical plants and pots. Not only does this shop offer individual plants, you can also find beautiful and unique succulent arrangements ready to take home and display on a sunny windowsill. A raving review on the shop’s website says, “They were able to answer all my questions about plants that would work best for my balcony. I also love the way this place is set up! When you walk in, you are transported to a place where plants are all around you.”

City Floral interior.
Courtesy of City Floral.

City Floral Garden Center

1440 Kearney Street

Looking for more of a large-scale nursery experience? City Floral has you covered. The expansive garden center offers perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables alongside a diverse selection of houseplants. If you’re having trouble upgrading one of your plants to a bigger container, you can head to City Floral, where they have in-store repotting services—no matter how big or small your plant may be. Ever been given a plant as a gift, but have no idea how to care for it? This shop also offers free plant identification in-store or online. The City Floral website offers a complete guide to which houseplants might work best for you, no matter how bright or dim your dorm or apartment may be.

Green Lady Gardens interior
Courtesy of Green Lady Gardens.

Green Lady Gardens

733 Santa Fe Drive

Green Lady Gardens claims to change the way you shop for houseplants. On their website, GLG owner Jessica Schutz describes the shop’s three-step process for sending customers home happy and confident in their houseplant’s future: “Jessica knows a prosperous houseplant relationship is based on 3 things: 1) Finding a houseplant that matches your light conditions, experience, and care commitment; 2) having healthy options to choose from; and 3) knowing proper care when you go home.” Additionally, GLG is committed to ethical business practices. One of the ways in which the shop gives back is by donating at least 5% of profits to causes and nonprofits that address issues like social justice, environmental protection and more.

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