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Information on a Potential Strike at Denver Public Schools

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FROM: Laura Maresca, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources & Inclusive Community

Potential DPS Strike

As you may know, Denver Public Schools (DPS) and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) have failed to reach an agreement during contract discussions. The current contract expired on Saturday, Jan. 18 and the DCTA will continue to hold strike votes until 9 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 22.  If the DCTA votes to strike, the earliest date that a legal strike could occur is Jan. 28.  In the event of a strike, information regarding the status of school closures, if any, should be available on the DPS website or on an individual school’s website. Although DPS indicates an intent to keep schools open, there is still uncertainty as to how a potential strike might impact families in terms of child care needs. In light of this uncertainty, please consider the following:

For Employees of the University

Employees of the University who anticipate being impacted by potential school closures should begin a dialogue with their manager. Pursuant to the Employee Handbook, “The University supports the principles of flex time for its employees…It is the policy of the University to encourage each employing department to approve the reasonable requests of employees for alternative work schedules when such requests are consistent with the needs of the department to accomplish its objectives.” Leadership is encouraged to consider creative and flexible solutions that support our employees and also meet organizational needs. Human Resources and Inclusive Community (HRIC) can assist with exploring, identifying and creating options that balance the needs of your division with those of potentially impacted employees.

For Students

A potential strike could also impact students, particularly our graduate and non-traditional students. Students are encouraged to have discussions with their faculty should they have concerns about the impact a potential strike might have on their class attendance.

Employees looking for alternative child care arrangements may wish to monitor the School Days Off Program website. As a reminder, employees receive a 10% off discount on this program. Finally, when considering creative solutions, all members of the community are reminded to review DU’s Protection of Minors on Campus Policy.