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Update on strategic positioning for June 2022 | DU’s brand refresh

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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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It’s full steam ahead on so many exciting fronts. Strategic Marketing and Communications Council convened and collaborating. Single, new logo for the University approved by the Board of Trustees and a brand refresh update shared in a town hall hosted by the Chancellor and MarComm. DU’s differentiators developed and refined. New Brand Book, Editorial and Visual Style Guides nearly complete. Customized font packages coming. Brand training. Getting ready for a fall launch.

Later this month, we’ll be releasing a new brand book and set of style guides—editorial and visual—for the community. Accompanying training will be offered through “MarComm Camp” to share the intent behind every part of the new systems to help us all achieve our objectives and ultimately to help the visibility of our institution collectively.

Our team is developing logo kits for units on campus, collaborating with academic units to develop b-roll packages, and purchasing all the new brand fonts for the University. The objective for all of these efforts is to make the brand accessible and easy to use for the campus community.

To support those campus partners that promote graduate programs, we will begin working together with our partner agency to develop personas for graduate students. This will round out the foundation that was developed for undergraduate recruitment so we can all work together on attracting new students to DU.

With a new brand refresh launching this year, work is underway on the second year of the For the Difference marketing campaign. Building on the lessons learned in the first year and capitalizing on the new tools we will have at our disposal in our visual and editorial style guides, three creative concepts were crafted. In partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Admission marketing and visit teams, each concept was tested with prospective undergraduate students and with a consulting agency to ensure synergy in our approach for all DU audiences.

These are just some of the visual indicators that are being shared after so much behind-the-scenes work. I’m so excited to see the fruition of the creativity and collaboration in which MarComm and partners across campus have been engaged.

DU’s brand is on the move!