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Workout Builds Awareness Around Sport-Coaching Program

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Justin Beach

Jon Stone

Media Relations Manager

Jon Stone

“Find what moves you,” — Coach G

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“Find what moves you.”

That’s Brian Gearity’s message to anyone trying to build a fitness routine. On Thursday morning Gearity, who also goes by Coach G, hosted a pre-holiday workout in DU’s Pat Bowlen Training Center at Magness Arena. More than three dozen faculty and staff members showed up bright and early for the workout, including Chancellor Rebecca Chopp.

“I work out an hour a day, so this was a great event, and I was able to learn some new exercises,” Chopp says. “My personal goal is that DU becomes the fittest campus in the nation, and I mean that in all ways — physically, mentally, spiritually — let us set the benchmark for well-being in this country.”

Prof. Brian Gearity
Prof. Brian Gearity

Coach G is a certified strength coach and director of the sport-coaching program in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. The program is the only master’s-level degree in coaching offered in a school of psychology.

“Having quality coaches and quality strength coaches is really what our program does and what we want to try to promote to the community,” Coach G says. “We live in a time where coaches are often unregulated and underprepared, and we don’t know who’s coaching our kids, we don’t know who’s coaching the adults, so we are producing questionable results.”

In addition to showing everyone a great workout, the event also aimed at raising awareness around the sport-coaching program. It currently is one of the six new crowdfunding projects featured on DUGood.

“We want to do all we can to increase awareness around the sport-coaching program,” Chopp says. “It is really important because kids and adults need great coaches.”

With New Year’s resolutions about healthier lifestyles around the corner, Coach G says it’s time to learn how to get fit the right way.

“People really get worried about questions of how much and how often, but the bigger question really is consistency,” he says. “Find what moves you and be consistent with that. If that’s hiking, biking, running, lifting, fitness classes, skiing, moving consistently half an hour a day is a great start.”