Performance and Orchestral Audition Preparation

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With two hours of one-on-one faculty instruction per week, students in this online program refine their orchestral repertoire and gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges of performing orchestral music at the professional level. Students will take a weekly one-hour lesson focusing on solo repertoire as well as a second weekly lesson focusing on orchestral repertoire. Graduates leave with refined performance abilities that provide a foothold in the competitive world of orchestral auditions.

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The Online Certificate in Performance and Orchestral Audition Preparation offers students the opportunity to focus and prepare their skills and repertoire to audition for professional orchestras. Committing to rigorous lessons in their major instrument and detailed lessons in orchestral repertoire, students will be prepared to bring improved skills to various orchestral settings. 

In this one-year certificate program, students focus deeply on applied lessons and orchestral audition preparation through a total of four credits each quarter, propelling them to higher levels of artistry. 

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About the Program

Audition Requirements

Applicants must complete the graduate application, schedule a live Zoom interview, and submit a recorded video audition. Please prepare the following, lasting roughly 20 minutes:

  • A solo piece of your choice
  • Three standard orchestral excerpts of your choice

The Online Certificate in Performance and Orchestral Audition Preparation is available for these instruments:

Degree Requirements

Course Requirements:
  1. 6 credit hours of MUPR 4000-level Applied Lessons on major instrument (2 credit hours per quarter)
  2. 6 credit hours of MUPR 4000-level Applied Lessons orchestral repertoire (2 credit hours per quarter)
Non-Course Requirements: 
  1. One traditional solo recital or innovative performance project.
  2. Juries, as required by the performance area.
  3. Two Orchestral Audition Juries in Audition Format (Winter and Spring Quarters).

Note: Candidates will normally be enrolled in the Online Certificate program for one year. A candidate may, however, request to remain in school longer with the stipulation that they must enroll in applied performance and orchestral repertoire lesson every quarter, even after the required number of credits have been met.


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