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Marketing plays a critical role in any business's overall operations. Successful marketers are adept at juggling diverse job functions and have a passion for identifying challenges within an organization and developing appropriate solutions. The Daniels College of Business marketing major offers a curriculum that emphasizes both quantitative and creative skills, as well as leadership. You'll be exposed to a broad range of areas within the field, including marketing analytics, brand management, advertising and promotions, lead generation, pricing analysis and sales forecasting, digital and direct marketing, public relations and social media.

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The marketing major offers career tracks in product/brand management, advertising and promotion, and client relationship management. All tracks span a wide spectrum of products and services and include specializations in digital technology, business-to-business marketing, inbound marketing/marketing automation, retail marketing, services marketing, healthcare and biotech, and entertainment and media. Additionally, if you're interested in starting an entrepreneurial venture or running your own business, you should consider the marketing major because of its cross-disciplinary nature.

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