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Our Bachelor of Science in computer engineering program is designed for students who wish to focus on the development of computer hardware and software, combining elements of computer science with electrical and mechanical engineering. Hands-on lab experience is a significant portion of this program, giving you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain to projects for real-world engineering experience. With small classes and ample opportunity for undergraduate research, students graduate ready to pursue wide-ranging career options.

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Students in the program must choose a specialty such as communications, digital signal processing and networking, robotics, embedded systems and instrumentation, or computer systems engineering. Many students use this degree to pursue careers in engineering or computer science fields, but the option to pursue an MS in just one additional year through one of our dual degree programs opens up potential career choices in other scientific fields as well.

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The bachelor of science degree in computer engineering is a four-year integrated engineering sequence, stressing engineering design and project work, much of which is interdisciplinary and involves constructive teamwork. All computer engineering students are required to choose an area of specialization, giving the discipline more depth, or complementing it, according to the student’s individual interests. The area of specialization can be fulfilled through the student’s choice of technical electives.

  • Communications, DSP and Networking
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Robotics, Embedded Systems and Instrumentation
  • Individualized Option

Graduates with a BS in computer engineering will understand how to design, test and analyze simple microprocessors as well as more complex circuits, software design and operating system development. The BS in computer engineering requires a minimum of 198 credits, comprised of DU common curriculum, required degree courses and technical electives.

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We are trying to use machine-learning techniques and computer algorithms to recognize a patient’s behaviors... Doctors and engineers are working together to solve a scientific problem. It’s not something I can do by myself as an engineer by sitting in my office and coming up with an algorithm. That’s the kind of collaboration that we are doing.

Mohammad Mahoor, PhD

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