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The master's in public policy (MPP) program teaches students to practice public policy in the real world through developing skills such as problem identification, analysis of solutions, writing, advocacy and persuasion. Our faculty members, who have practical policy experience, include a former three-term governor of Colorado, a former federal fraud prosecutor and senior manager for a federal regulatory agency and the chief budget officer for Colorado. Students will learn alongside renowned policy experts and policy makers both in traditional classroom settings and in intensive seminars. Featured speakers will come from top think tanks and policy-making bodies from Denver and beyond.

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Students from all undergraduate programs and backgrounds are welcome, as there are no prerequisites for MPP courses. In the final year of their studies, students apply their skills to the real world by completing a capstone project analyzing a specific policy and potential solutions. Alumni hold positions locally, nationally and internationally, working for government, nonprofit organizations and private businesses, leveraging the network of one of the nation's leading schools for international studies. If you're ready to reward and challenge yourself, we invite you to join our exceptional body of students.

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Why Choose Korbel

This is a critical time in our history. The challenges we are facing are complex, but the opportunities for impact are extraordinary. The only Master of Public Policy (MPP) program in the state of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, Korbel's MPP prepares students with the analytical skills and competencies needed for professional careers in government, private industry and non-profits.

Issue-focused and Interdisciplinary

At Korbel, we are focused on preparing our students to tackle the great issues of our time: economic inequality, environmental sustainability, social justice, education, and more. And because issues don't respect disciplinary boundaries, we pull our interdisciplinary faculty from across all areas of DU's campus including social science, business, law, education, social work, and of course, international studies. These faculty, combined with public policy practitioners provide intensive classroom instruction and multiple experiential learning opportunities to prepare students to enter the real-world public policy environment.

Skills and Experience

Because we are committed to providing our students with the analytical and practical skills for a lifetime we have built skills modules into the curriculum. Experiential learning will play a key-role in our student's experiencing, including our new "Hacking for Good" competition, the new Policy Lab course, and internship opportunities in Denver and around the world as well as a capstone project for a real-world client.

MPP students graduate with a job-ready skill set, equally applicable to decision-making and leadership positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. MPP graduates are able to define policy problems across disciplinary boundaries and apply methodologies and ethical awareness to evaluate and implement alternative courses of action in multiple settings.

Local to Global

We are connecting the dots between the local and the global. Korbel is one of the world's great professional schools of international affairs, which gives us the unique ability, regardless of issue, to make connections between local and global. This foundation of learning prepares our graduates to make an impact whether their career leads them to Denver, DC or Nairobi.

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The Scrivner Institute of Public Policy

The Doug and Mary Scrivner Institute of Public Policy hosts Korbel's MPP program as well as the undergraduate major in public policy. The Scrivner Institute supports interdisciplinary applied research on public policy issues, provides informative public programming, and serves as a convener of experts and practitioners seeking to solve pressing public policy issues.

Featured Faculty

N Barma

Naazneen Barma

Associate Professor; Director, Scrivner Institute of Public Policy

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Lapo Salucci

Lapo Salucci

Teaching Associate Professor; Faculty Degree Coordinator, EM

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Martin Rhodes

Professor; Director, PhD Program

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Tamra d'Estrée

Tamra d'Estree

Professor; Interim Global Environmental S; Interim Director of Global Env

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