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The University of Denver's Professional Science Master's in biomedical sciences gives students the opportunity to develop technical skills and theoretical knowledge that can prepare them for careers in the biomedical and health sciences fields. The program utilizes rigorous coursework to provide students with a depth of scientific knowledge and a strong foundation in ethics, communication and global awareness. Graduates often pursue careers in academic and industrial biomedical research, and the program can prepare them for work in fields such as healthcare, clinical research, government and regulatory affairs, especially when paired with further studies in professional schools.

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The PSM program emphasizes active communications with biomedical professionals outside the University to ensure that the curriculum and capstone experiences are relevant and beneficial to both students and industry partners. An advisory board comprised of leaders in biomedical research, biotechnology, clinical healthcare, health institutions and hospital administration guides the curriculum by providing input regarding the academic skill set and professional tools most sought by employers in biomedical fields.

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Our professional science master's program prepares students for challenging careers in the biomedical and health sciences with rigorous academic training and practical professional experiences.

PSM students develop in-depth scientific knowledge and a strong foundation in ethics, leadership, communication and global awareness through advanced coursework in the natural sciences and complementary coursework in the humanities and social sciences. Graduates of this program will walk away with an awareness of the complex challenges and future directions of health and other fields of biomedical science.

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