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About ORSP

What is the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)?
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs supports the University community in their pursuit of research and the management of externally sponsored projects including research, instruction and other activities.
ORSP Directory
Margaret Henry                                               Corinne Lengsfeld
Controller                                                        Associate Provost for Research
(303) 871-3740                                              (303) 871-4843                                   

ORSP Administration
Gerald Mauck, Assistant Controller – Research Administration
(303) 871-4025

Sarah Brenholt - ORSP Administrative Assistant
(303) 871-4043

Sponsored Programs Administration -- email all requests and inquiries to
Julie Cunningham – Manager
(303) 871-4039

Sally Wiseman, Senior Project Administrator
(303) 871-4040

Sarah Edwards, Project Administrator
(303) 871-4038

Zack Scholnick, Project Administrator
(303) 871-4057

Carrie Zwanzig, Project Administrator
(303) 871-4044

Research Compliance and Education

Mary Travis, Interim Research Compliance Manager


Jourdan Sherman, Research Compliance Administrator
(303) 871-4050


IRB - requests and inquiries -

IACUC - requests and inquiries -

IBC - requests and inquiries -

Regulatory/Financial Operations
William Meyers – Manager
(303) 871-4019


Associate Provost for Research
Dr. Corinne Lengsfeld is the Associate Provost for Research and serves as the chief academic research administrator and institutional official of the University.  Other responsibilities include representing the University in multi-university consortia and on state committees, aiding faculty in their search for external funding opportunities, creating and distributing funds to support faculty in their scholarly/research endeavors, encouraging a better understanding in the external and internal community of the relation between teaching, research, and other scholarly activities, negotiating cost-share agreements, and fostering ongoing development of a fertile and creative research environment.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)
ORSP is the key point of contact for faculty in the area of sponsored research, instruction, and other activities, as well as research conduct and compliance.  ORSP is sub-department of the Controller’s Office and reports directly to the Controller.  ORSP reports to the Associate Provost for Research on research related activities.

ORSP provides assistance with locating funding opportunities, preparing budgets, interpretation of regulations and guidelines, compliance with University and sponsoring agency requirements, proposal submission, negotiations, post-award administrative compliance, financial reporting, audits, and project closeouts.

ORSP also provides administrative services for compliance with all research activities related to human and animal subjects, as well as biosafety concerns, conflicts of interest, export controls and all other research regulatory requirements.

Services Provided by ORSP

Program Development

  • Assistance in locating websites to locate funding opportunities.
  • Provide guidance in interpreting all Federal, State, University, agency and sponsor regulations and requirements.
  • Education and training faculty and staff related to research and sponsored programs.

 Sponsored Program Administration
Pre-Award Services

  • Working with agency personnel on specific proposal requirements and guidelines.
  • Work with PI in preparing budgets to ensure that all potential costs have been identified, that appropriate fringe and indirect cost rates are used and calculated correctly, budget conforms to agency guidelines, help identify cost share requirements, as well as assist in preparing the budget narrative.
  • Assistance with cover page, budget, representations and certifications forms.
  • Obtain all signatures required on behalf of the University from appropriate authorized signers.  It is important for your ORSP project administrator to be in receipt of the required forms well in advance of the deadline in order to obtain these signatures.
  • Provide internal documents requested by agencies, such as audited financial statements, tax-exempt documents, list of trustees, and indirect cost rate agreements.
  • Copy and submit proposals as required by sponsor, including submission on electronic research administration systems.

Post-Award Services

  • Assist in review, negotiation and acceptance of awards.
  • Prepare and submit all financial reports and billings in accordance with terms of the award.
  • Ensure that the award is in compliance with all federal, state, and internal policies in regard to financial matters.
  • Ensure that all effort is properly accounted for and certified for awards.
  • Review all expenditures related to awards to ensure that they are reasonable, consistent and allowable.
  • Establish and close out accounts in accordance with regulations and terms of agreement.
  • Collection of sponsor accounts.


Research Compliance and Education

  • Research compliance and education encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities including identifying and managing compliance concerns in any given research project.
  • Our research compliance staff can help clarify university, federal and specific agency policies, as they relate to human subjects in research (IRB); care and use of animals in research (IACUC); and biosafety concerns (IBC).
  • Quality assurance of IRB, IACUC and IBC protocols
  • Identify and manage conflicts of interest.
  • Investigate misconduct in research/research non-compliance.
  • Establish educational programs in human subjects and animals in research, responsible conduct of research and research ethics.
  • Establish educational resources and training for sponsored programs, including faculty and administrators.

Regulatory and Financial Operations

  • Support university in compliance with export control program
  • Interpretation of export control regulations
  • Export control technology assessments and development of technology control plans
  • Process export control licenses required
  • Conduct reviews to ensure compliance with research and sponsored program regulatory requirements.  These reviews include effort certifications, NIH/NSF training requirements, expenditures and conflicts of interest among others. 
  • Process all award cash receipts.
  • Develop, submit and negotiate all indirect cost rates for University.
  • Calculate and distribute indirect cost flowback to departments.
  • Reconciliation of sponsor accounts
  • Submit all internal and external reports related to University sponsored program activities, including government surveys.
  • Serve as the audit liaison for government and independent auditors.
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