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Economics, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 246
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Cole, Paula 303-871-2685 Teaching Associate Professor
Dinneen, Jamie L. 303-871-2243 Coordinator, Program
Ho, Peter S. 303-871-2259 Professor
Huang, Vincent 303-871-2685 Teaching Assistant Professor
Lopez, Juan Carlos G. 303-871-2685 Assistant Professor
Nicolarsen, John C. 303-871-2685 Teaching Assistant Professor
Piovani, Chiara 303-871-2685 Associate Professor
Schneider, Markus 303-871-2146 Associate Professor
Schwardt, Henning 303-871-2056 Assistant Professor
Urquhart, Robert G. 303-871-2258 Associate Professor
Yasar, Yavuz 303-871-2685 Chair, Economics
Yasar, Yavuz 303-871-2685 Associate Professor
Yoon, Yeohyub 303-871-2685 Assistant Professor

Education, Morgridge College of

Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall
1999 East Evans Avenue
Denver CO 80210-1700

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Acadia, Spencer 303-871-2838 Clinical Assistant Professor
Albertoni, Mary 303-871-2532 Coordinator II, Business
Allen, Korrie 303-871-2509 Clinical Assistant Professor
Anderson, Elizabeth 303-871-2509 Visiting Assistant Professor
Anderson, Erin 303-871-2149 Assistant Professor
Assefa, Shimelis G. 303-871-2509 Associate Professor
Banerjee, Rashida 303-871-6597 Chair, Teaching & Learning Studies
Banerjee, Rashida 303-871-6597 Professor
Belansky, Elaine S. 303-871-2509 Research Associate Professor
Belansky, Elaine S. 303-871-2509 Director, Center for Rural Health and Education
Berg, Shirley D. 303-871-2509 Coordinator II, Business
Blueford, Jillian M. 303-871-2509 Clinical Assistant Professor
Bovey, Ted 303-871-3235 Associate Director, PELE
Brownstone, Lisa M. 303-871-2509 Visiting Assistant Professor
Brunhofer, Lindsay E. 303-871-7971 Designer, Instructional
Burdic, Nancy L. 303-871-2509 Senior Research Associate
Candelarie, Doris E. 303-871-6560 Clinical Assistant Professor
Chance, Becky A. 303-871-2837 Associate, Postdoctoral Research
Chao, Ruth 303-871-2556 Chair, Counseling Psychology
Chao, Ruth 303-871-2556 Professor
Cillard-Garcia, Delphine 303-871-4937 Assistant, Administrative
Clayton, Emilia J. 303-871-4012 Grant Administrator III
Clements, Doug H. 303-871-2726 Professor
Coleman, Jeanine M. 303-871-2509 Clinical Associate Professor
Crow, Christina A. 303-871-3482
Cutforth, Nick J. 303-871-2477 Professor
Dali, Keren 303-871-7923 Assistant Professor
Davies, Kat P. 303-871-2073 Specialist, Grants & Contracts
Day-Hess, Crystal A. 303-871-3725 Assistant Professor, Research & Assistant Director
DeLaTorre, Dan M. 303-871-7402 Assistant Dean, Business & Operations
Delageorgou, Smaragda 303-871-6952 Business Officer, Ricks School for Gifted Children & Fisher Early Learning
Donovan, Michelle M. 303-871-2509 Associate, Academic Services
Duggan, Kara L. 303-871-7013 Associate, Academic Services
Dumas, Denis G. 303-871-4710 Assistant Professor
Dye, Jodi S. 303-871-2510 Director, Admission
Engberg, Mark E. 303-871-2056 Associate Dean
Engberg, Mark E. 303-871-2056 Professor
Espinosa-Galindo, Jessica C. 303-871-2509 Academic Svcs Associate
Gafford, Jennifer R. 303-871-6681 Clinical Assistant Professor
Garner, Brette 303-871-2509 Assistant Professor
Garriott, Pat O. 303-871-6758 Associate Professor
Gildersleeve, Ryan E. 303-871-4573 Professor
Gildersleeve, Ryan E. 303-871-4573 Associate Dean
Hazel, Cynthia E. 303-871-2961 Professor
Hesbol, Kristina A. 303-871-2479 Associate Professor
Hoberman, Pam 303-871-2046 Director, Research Operations
Holland, Nicole R. 303-871-4265 Analyst, Institutional Research
Hurtado, Sarah S. 303-871-4624 Assistant Professor
Ingman, Benjamin C. 303-871-2557 Research Assistant Professor
Jensen, Amanda R. 303-871-2509 Associate, Academic Services
Johnson, Joseph 303-871-2509 Clinical Assistant Professor
Koch, Hannah 303-871-2509 Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
Korach, Susan 303-871-2212 Associate Professor
LeVelle, Karen F. 303-871-3791 Associate, Academic Services
Leonard, Betsy M. 303-871-3835 Specialist, Community Engagement
Lerner, Jessica 303-871-2517 Clinical Assistant Professor
Lerner, Jessica 303-871-2517 Typical Education Coordinator
Loecke, Carla J. 303-871-2509 Manager, The Center for Rural School Health & Education (CRSHE)
Lopez, Adriana L. 303-871-3727 Director, Marketing & Communications
Mareck, Eric 303-871-2325 Assistant Director, Facilities & Operations at the Morgridge College of Education and Chambers Center
Matusiak, Krystyna 303-871-6163 Associate Professor
McDiarmid, Amy K. 303-871-3765 Clinical Assistant Professor
Meza, Laura L. 303-871-2509 Assistant, Research
Michalec, Paul 303-871-7952 Clinical Professor
Miller, Gloria E. 303-871-3340 Professor
Miller-Brown, Ellen 303-871-2295 Assistant Professor of the Practice of Educational Leadership
Millies, Anna M. 303-871-2494 Associate, Academic Services
Moore, Tasia L. 303-871-3787 Assistant, Executive
Mueller, Ellen M. 303-871-2982 Associate Teacher
Mulcahy, Christina D. 303-871-3651 Research Fellow, Postdoctoral
Munnerley, Kim I. 303-871-3895 Coordinator II, Business
Nelson, Chris A. 303-871-2487 Assistant Professor
Nguyen, Mike Hoa T. 303-871-2509 Assistant Professor
O'Malley, John A. 303-871-2857 Clinical Assistant Professor
OSullivan, Nancy A. 303-871-3848 Manager, ECHO DU Project
Organisciak, Peter 303-871-3587 Assistant Professor
Orphan, Cecilia M. 303-871-3619 Assistant Professor
Owen, Jesse J. 303-871-2509 Professor
Pinto, Stacy A. 303-871-2832 Faculty w/ Admin
Pinto, Stacy A. 303-871-2832 Clinical Assistant Professor
Pusavat, Andi M. 303-871-3230 Clinical Associate Professor
Raines, Tara C. 303-871-2509 Associate Professor
Raque-Bogdan, Trisha 303-871-4522 Associate Professor
Rausch, Alissa L. 303-871-6896 Research Assistant Professor
Reinert, Lindsey D. 303-871-2509 Postdoctoral Research & Program Fellowship
Rian, Sage W. 303-871-2509 Visiting Assistant Professor
Richardson, Jayson W. 303-871-2509 Department Chair
Richardson, Jayson W. 303-871-2509 Professor
Riepe, Ben R. 303-871-2509 Inclusion Coaching Specialist
Riley, Karen S. 303-871-2509 Dean
Riley, Karen S. 303-871-2509 Director, Health Initiatives Strategic
Riley, Rachel N. 303-871-2509 Assistant Director, Admissions
Riva, Maria T. 303-871-2484 Professor
Roberts, Garrett J. 303-871-2509 Assistant Professor
Roncoroni, Julia 303-871-3784 Assistant Professor
Roybal, Ronald B. 303-871-2509 Associate, Research
Salazar, Maria D. 303-871-3772 Professor
Sarama, Julie 303-871-2895 Professor
Schlueter, Noah D. 303-871-2503 Counselor, Admission
Schmidt, Kimberly 303-871-2474 Clinical Assistant Professor
Sponsler, Laura E. 303-871-2720 Clinical Assistant Professor
Stansbury, Mary C. 303-871-3217 Clinical Associate Professor
Stansbury, Mary C. 303-871-3217 LIS 2U Lead Faculty
Strain, Phillip S. 303-871-6280 Professor
Sylte, Erin 303-871-2509
Tabron, Lolita A. 303-871-3365 Assistant Professor
Talapatra, Devadrita 303-871-2509 Assistant Professor
Thomas Pitts, Robyn 303-871-2549 Assistant Professor
Tyson, Michele 303-871-2255 Clinical Assistant Professor
Uhrmacher, Bruce B. 303-871-2483 Professor
Uhrmacher, Bruce B. 303-871-2483 Department Chair
Van Polen, Angela J. 303-871-2509 Manager, LEAP Project
Wasser, Johanna 303-871-2509 Senior Research Associate
Wright, Dana S. 303-871-2509 Academic Services Associate
Zhang, Duan 303-871-3373 Department Chair
Zhang, Duan 303-871-3373 Associate Professor

Educational Technology, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 155
Denver CO 80210

Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

Seeley G. Mudd Building
2101 East Wesley Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Electronic Commerce, Center for the Study of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 315
Denver CO 80210

Emergent Digital Practices

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 216
Denver CO 80210

Engineering and Computer Science, Daniel Felix Ritchie School of

2155 E. Wesley Ave.

Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Abler, Suzanne S. 303-871-3368 Assistant Dean, Business & Operations
Alt, Kevin P. 303-871-3787 Graduate, Professional Programs
Carvalho, Renee A. 303-871-3787 Manager, Building Project
Caston, Michael I. 303-871-6509 Executive Director, Innovation Floor
Hogan, Narcy 303-871-4218 Coordinator II, Business
Koinzan, Carson 303-871-3787 Coordinator, Program
Koziol Thomason, Tali 303-871-3787 Director, Marketing, Communication & Events
Ogmen, Haluk 303-871-2621 Professor and Senior Associate Dean
Ogmen, Haluk 303-871-2621 Interim Dean, RSECS
Sherman, Ashley P. 303-871-2427 Assistant Director, Student Services

Engineering, Department of Electrical & Computer

2155 E. Wesley Ave.

Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Arab, Ali 303-871-3787 Research Assistant Professor, Blockchain for Smart Grid Applications
Chun, Wendell H. 303-871-3787 Faculty Director
Chun, Wendell H. 303-871-3787 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Eskandarpour, Rozhin 303-871-3787 Associate, Postdoctoral Research
Fan, Rui 303-871-3787 Assistant Professor
Fernandes Pereira Martins, Goncalo 303-871-7707 Interim Associate Chair
Fernandes Pereira Martins, Goncalo 303-871-7707 Teaching Assistant Professor
Gao, David Wenzhong 303-871-3570 Professor
Gao, David Wenzhong 303-871-3570 Interim Chair
Ghosh, Kumar 303-871-3787 Research Assistant Professor
Khodaei, Amin 303-871-2481 Professor
Mahoor, Mohammad H. 303-871-3745 Professor
Manandhar, Mahesh B. 303-871-3787 Lab Manager
Matin, Mohammad A. 303-871-2833 Professor
May, Druselle D. 303-871-6618 Assistant to the Chair
Sharma, Prachi 303-871-3787 Teaching Assistant Professor
Stefanovic, Margareta 303-871-6513 Associate Professor
Valavanis, Kimon P. 303-871-2586 Director of Research & Innovation
Valavanis, Kimon P. 303-871-2586 Professor
Whitman, Bob K. 303-871-3787 Teaching Professor
Zhu, Zhihui 303-871-3787 Assistant Professor

Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Materials

2155 E. Wesley Ave.

Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alexander, Chrissy E. 303-871-3041 Assistant to the Chair
Azadani, Ali 303-871-3636 Associate Professor
Bleszynski, Monika 303-871-6890 Scientist, Postdoctoral Research
Caston, Michael I. 303-871-6509 Associate Professor of the Practice
Clary, Chadd W. 303-871-3273 Assistant Professor
Davidson, Bradley 303-871-2133 Associate Professor
Gordon, Matt H. 303-871-3580 Professor & Chair, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Hamilton, Landon D. 303-871-2107 Fellow, Postdoctoral
Hoffman, Joe D. 303-871-2107 Scientist, Research & Program Manager
Horenstein, Rachel E. 303-871-2107 Teaching Assistant Professor
Huff, Justin M. 303-871-4782 Manager, Lab
Hume, Don R. 303-871-6095 Senior Research Engineer
Kumosa, Maciej 303-871-3807 Professor
Laz, Peter 303-871-3614 Professor
Myers, Casey 303-871-2107 Research Associate Professor
Myers, Casey 303-871-2107 Research Assistant Professor
Rezazadeh, Siavash 303-871-6587 Assistant Professor
Rinard, George A. 303-871-4370 Senior Research Engineer
Roney, Jason A. 303-871-2252 Teaching Associate Professor
Roszelle, Breigh N. 303-871-2328 Teaching Associate Professor
Roszelle, Breigh N. 303-871-2328 Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Rullkoetter, Paul J. 303-871-3512 Professor
Shelburne, Kevin B. 303-871-6435 Research Professor
Yi, Yun-Bo 303-871-2228 Professor

English Language Center

English Language Center
1958 S. Josephine St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Berger, Irina 303-871-3086 Senior Teacher, English Language Center
Brunkhorst, Maryanna F. 303-871-2758 Senior Teacher, English Language Center
DeDeyn, Rachel R. 303-871-3075 Program Manager, Special Programs
Griffin, Matthew D. 303-871-3083 Director, English Language Center
Lake, Allison M. 303-871-3075 Teacher, Senior
Makikalli, Ann 303-871-3086 Teaching Assistant Professor
Manor, Felicia G. 303-871-2359 Senior Teacher, English Language Center
Pesantez, Franklin M. 303-871-3075 Assistant Director, IEM
Robinson, Tim R. 303-871-3075 Associate Director
Swartley, Ethel C. 303-871-6488 Teaching Associate Professor
Swartley, Ethel C. 303-871-6488 Lecturer
Wright Sear, Tamsen R. 303-871-3075 Assistant Director, Student Services

English, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Cottrell, Patrick 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor
Davis, Clark 303-871-2900 Professor
Ellard, Donna Beth B. 303-871-2901 Associate Professor
Feder, Rachel 303-871-2755 Assistant Professor
Foust, Graham 303-871-2896 Professor
Gould, Eric 303-871-4571 Professor
Hardin, Tayana 303-871-2860 Associate Professor
Hesse, Douglas D. 303-871-2266 Prof. & Exec. Dir. of Writing
Howard, Joanna E. 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor
Howard, W. Scott S. 303-871-2266 Professor
Kiteley, Brian 303-871-2898 Professor
McNees, Eleanor J. 303-871-2855 Professor
Nwosu, Maik 303-871-2266 Professor
Nwosu, Maik 303-871-2266 Chair, English and Literary Arts
Perry, R. D. D. 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor
Prigozhin, Aleksandr 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor of English
Ramke, Bin B. 303-871-2889 Professor and Phipps Chair
Saterstrom, Selah 303-871-2902 Professor
Stratton, Billy J. 303-871-4157 Associate Professor
Turner, Lindsay K. 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor
Ulibarri, Kristy L. 303-871-2266 Assistant Professor

Enterprise Application Services

University Technology Services
2100 South High Street
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adams, Jonathan A. 303-871-7856 Developer III, Application
Adams, Todd R. 303-871-2826 Developer III, Application
Ananthakrishnan, Rohini 303-871-4738 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Application Services
Andree, Dan A. 303-871-2232 Administrator Junior, Database
Baca, Bobby 303-871-4265 Business Analyst II
Bhatti, Zirgham A. 303-871-6821 Analyst II, Business
Brown, MarySue 303-871-3690 Business Analyst I
Bruning, Daniel L. 303-871-2587 Developer III, Web
Dunn, Josiah T. 303-871-4721 Analyst I, Business
Duran, Carrie M. 303-871-2676 Manager, Software
Esparza, Marc M. 303-871-2134 Developer II, Application
Frey, Maxwell S. 303-871-2491 Developer II, Application
Ginjupalli, Anu   Administrator III, Database
Haymore, Susan   Analyst III, Business
Haywood, Katherine T. 303-871-4158 Coordinator II, Business
Hoenings, Gerald 303-871-7699 Analyst II, Business
Hogue, Kent K. 303-871-2432 Lead, Web and Mobile
Kannan, Vidya 303-871-3390 Developer III, Application
Lafrance, Devon M.   Web Developer I
Machan, Brad S. 303-871-2413 Analyst II, Business
McElwreath, Angie S. 303-871-3714 Analyst II, Business
Moitzfield, Darren 303-871-7440 Manager, Business Analysts
Nau, Matthew B. 303-871-2854 Administrator III, Database
Osoriolopez, Leo E. 303-871-7822 Administrator I, Database
Ramu, Nithya 303-871-2256 Developer II, Application
Ravindran, Vidya 303-871-4627 Developer III, Application
Sayed, Haytham 303-871-2123 Manager, Database Administration
Shah, Nirav P. 303-871-2125 Developer III, Application
Smith, Jesse S. 303-871-4340 Developer II, Application
Staiert, John P. 303-871-2009 Developer II, Application
Sweet, Nathan J. 303-871-3535 Developer II, Application
Tovbis, Gohar 303-871-2119 Director, Enterprise Software Development
Vaidyanathan, Aparna 303-871-6190 Analyst I, Business
Weddle, Jill N. 303-871-2223 Lead, Software Adoption
Westover, Lew 303-871-2092 Manager, Software
Wolfert, Taylor W. 303-871-7019 Developer, Application II

Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 235
Denver CO 80210

Environment and Enterprise, International Institute for

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Environmental Health and Safety

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 418
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Nicklay, Tara R. 303-871-4010 Project Specialist, Contact Tracer
Short, Chris K. 303-871-7501 Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Skarda, Jay T. 303-871-4044 Officer, Chemistry & Biological Safety

Environmental Science

Boettcher Center West
2050 E. Iliff Ave. Room 120
Denver CO 80210

Environmental Sustainability Living & Learning Community

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Equal Opportunity & Title IX

University Hall
2199 S. University Blvd
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Gonzalez, Alba M. 303-871-7479 Investigator
Hernndez, Rufina A. 303-871-7726 Associate Director
Hollis, Erika M. 303-871-7016 Interim Executive Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX
Hooker, Molly 303-871-2302 Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Rose, Priscilla 303-871-7481 Investigator

Ethics and Values, Carl M. Williams Institute for


Executive MBA, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 335
Denver CO 80210

Executive and Professional MBA Programs

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 335
Denver CO 80210